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Basic English Test Score not showing on Profile

I had taken the basic English Test by Fiverr and got a handsome 9.2 score and that was showing on my profile. But now for some days the score is not showing rather showing “test taken”. Did fiverr change its policy showing the test score? Or I am the one facing this problem?


I am having same issue with my test score, and furthur more i didn’t saw my score after the test and nothing on my profile. Did you find any solution?


No Dear, i didn’t find any solution. but my score shows up on the fiverr app in my phone.

I’m having the same problem! I also took the English Test and I got a 9.8 (yay!) but it’s not showing on my profile. If I go to the test place to take another test it shows that I already took the English Test and passed. But it’s not on my profile?!