Basic Knowledge


Fiverr has grown up into a great marketplace. Millions of services have been offered on Fiverr.Today, we will learn about the basic knowledge of Fiverr.

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Basic Knowledge About Fiverr
I will share some basic methods, tips about Fiverr. Shall we start now? Ok. Now, focus on all the tips, articles, I am gonna sharing with you!
Fiverr Taxes & Fees
Fiverr is a free platform where you can sell almost all kind of services. Fiverr has not a fee structure that is it’s totally free. But, Fiverr takes 1$ from each of your gigs.
Let’s explain it with an example!

Suppose, we got an order for a Gig. The Gig cost was 5$. After the order is completed and marked as complete by the buyer. Fiverr will take 1$ from that gig cost and the seller will get 4$.
How To Delete, Activate Or Pause A Fiverr Gig?
You can delete, activate or pause your Fiverr Gig. Want to learn how? Check out the below snapshot.

  1. Select any of the Gigs.
  2. Click on Pause to pause the Gig
  3. Click on Delete to delete the Gig
  4. Click on Activate to activate the paused Gig.

In this way, you can delete, pause or activate any Gig.
Is Gig Promotion Allowed?
Yeah, promotion is the key to your success, so you can promote your Fiverr Gigs anywhere over the internet. Follow the guide to learn the best way to promote Fiverr Gigs.

5 Ways To Promote Fiverr Gigs
Fiverr Levels
You might have listened about Level 1, Level 2 and Top-rated seller at Fiverr. To learn about Fiverr Levels,


thanks for your valuable tips.


Thanks for the information, however, I have a question.

You and many others in this discussion mention social media sites in order to “advertise” or promote your service, but, no one gives any practical advice. How does one get promoted on Google, how does one get promoted on Linkedin, or FaceBook etc.? Who do you contact, is there a button on these sites we should be pushing? Practical advice would be appreciated, thanks.



You’ll find some courses on digital marketing here

There are of course other platforms where you can learn such skills, but to be honest, you might as well hire someone to do this for you.

PS. You’re asking your question from someone who got banned There was a valid reason for it :slight_smile:


Thank you for your direction.

I am into collaboration, so, if I can be of any help to you in the future for voice over gigs.


You could also look at this page and the links in it re: promoting