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Basic Language Tests for Buyers & Sellers

I am sure everyone have had this experience, and this was discussed before on here. Is there no way that Fiverr can do a very simple and basic language test on people when they indicate they speak a language and then add a “green tick” next to it as verified. Buyers or sellers could choose to do the test or not, and the green tick would only indicate that it was done.

I have had several instances where someone lists English as their only spoken language, and it is immediately clear when you receive the order that it is not and it leads to misunderstandings.

It could be a simple 10 question test, with perhaps 5 multiple choice answers and a time limit to complete the test once you start to prevent them from going on “google translate” before answering. Perhaps even a set of 5 alternative sets of questions, to prevent them from copying the questions and then re-attempting to complete the test later.

Just a thought, because not only does it affect communication but it affects everyone’s bottom-line eventually, including Fiverr’s revenue potential.


What if I get someone to do the test for me, Which color will the tick be?


I like the idea, but I have the same concern as @phantompower
I’m sure there will be a person who will start selling test taking service. If not in Fiverr then somewhere else :slight_smile:

UpWork is using tests, but I can still see sellers with decent scores who can’t even write their profile information.

That being said, until there’s a better solution available, it would be a step in the right direction.


Yeah it is a very big issue these days. Working with sellers and buyers who cant speak english correctly. but i dont think so its a good idea as the @phantompower said, what if somebody else do the test for the seller.

I think buyer reviews and the ability to get refunds make up for this. I think tests would make fiverr too much like upwork, which actually charges you to take some tests.


Good idea.
But think as a buyer.
Do you like to answer questions?


It is annoying when people say they can speak a language fluently but can’t, but I think the best and only effective way to tell if the seller’s grasp of language is good enough is through communication and whether they demonstrate they understand the requirement or not.

Sellers that are doing work in another language than English should be exempted from English language tests. i am writing articles in Dutch and I have only had one or two international clients. Though mostb of the Dutch people speak English quite well, you can easily get by without knowing English.

As a buyer AND seller, I would not mind answering basic questions as part of setting up my profile. As it stands, something needs to be done to bridge the gap caused by info getting lost in translation.


True. English was an example. The basic skills could be for any language that you choose for your profile. I am not English either, yet 99% of my clients are and I can just imagine what my ratings would be like if I couldn’t communicate. In the end Fiverr loses buyer interest and everybody gets nailed on the bottomline.

I agree. Yet it is difficult when a gig is active and the difficulty in understanding the requirements kicks in.

Then perhaps we should have an option to flag a language on their profile that they are clearly not fluent in.


Perhaps a red tick, if sellers are allowed to flag languages on profiles that cannot actually be spoken, read or comprehended if you realize during a gig that the buyer misrepresented their ability to communicate clearly.

That would be way too easy to abuse, not to mention that Fiverr doesn’t have enough staff to check every flag (and how would they check it, demand that the seller does a long test?).

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after my personal experience with the Fiverr rating system, levels/ranking, analytics, profile reviews, top seller title etc. I think Fiverr never wanted anything to do with tests. instead, they tried to give a chance to everyone from across the globe, native/ non-native speakers and everyone.

secondly, the scoring system is never reliable. it is just used as a standard to define good scorers from bad. besides, people work on fiverr to earn direct income i donot think it will be an attractive place for sellers then. besides, i enjoy the 20% charge on every order because i am broke enough to pay a test price so for starters it will repel me for sure!

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Online tests can be cheated on. And they will be automatically scored which also can have problems.
Simply asking some questions should give a buyer an idea of whether or not their language is as they claim.


@psychicrudi Good point. But the problem is anyone can cheat on online test.

@uxreview Ha ha Yes, that’s true. :slight_smile:

So the best thing is buyer to contact the seller BEFORE placing the order. So buyer can understand whether this is going to work or not. If he satisfy with sellers communication, service standards then he can go ahead and place the order. Not only it will give you a chance to understand the seller & it will also help buyer to AVOID unnecessary order cancellations.

i think reviews can show this without any tests

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Granted. Just had a funny thought though. I have received messages from people that makes absolute sense, and then when I receive an order it is as though I am speaking to someone entirely different. Perhaps I am simply encountering individuals that shapeshift at midnight and assume the vernacular from a previous life for the duration of the gig. :smile:

Perhaps I am just not paying attention, but is there a way to check reviews on a buyer given by sellers? I have encountered it once or twice when I ordered gigs, but more often when people buy my gigs.