Basic questions choosing a Fiverr designer, for Amazon Merch, Etsy etc



Im looking for a designer for some t-shirts I want to sell online. When I look through the tshirt designer specialists on Fiverr, a lot of them are Type/Font focused and based on their portfolio So I think would rather look through the regular designers that can do cool drawings, characters, illustrations, etc.

-Not sure how to tell if a non merch designer will know about how to place the design on the t-shirt template? (I would provide specs, template file).

-How do I reduce potential back and forth revisions regarding where the image and text should sit on the shirt?

-Do I need the source file?

-Do I need high resolution?

Thank you!


You need to be as specific as possible when you open communications with potential sellers. First thing is specifying the type of graphics you’re looking for and second providing the size you need for printing. At minimum the finished piece needs to be 300 DPI and saved with a transparent background.

This is what I can think of at the moment but I’m sure some will add more info.


Most digital designers should be able to fulfil your tee design request, like @topaz_muse said, be specific to what you are looking for, maybe write down what you require and read it back to yourself, then ask a friend to read it to see if they understand it, this way your cutting down on revision’s , there are some pretty good tee designers on here i think you’ll find what your after. Happy Hunting.


agree with you,in this matter