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Basic service gig price ($5?)


I’ve had a gig video rejected and the only reason out the 3 possible reasons given (I don’t know why they don’t specify the reason) is:

How do I know the reason for the gig video rejection?

The suggestions were:

  1. State it’s offered exclusively on Fiverr! - the video says “Exclusively on Fiverr!”. Surely that should be good enough?

  2. Offer a $5 basic service so that your Gig can remain listed on the site. This particular gig has a minimum of $5 (but I have another gig(s) starting >$5 but another Fiverr thread says gig categories, including animation, allow higher min gig prices now (I think they mention $25 - I’ll have to check my other gig - but this one starts at $5).

  3. Remove any website, service, or product mentioned that is not sold through Fiverr. There’s nothing like that in the video.

What should I do? Do I need to contact CS about it?


I don’t think anyone can help you out without seeing the video first.


Is the video longer than 30 but under 60 seconds?


It’s 28 seconds long. So that could be it? it needs to be within those? I’ll increase it so it’s at least 30 seconds. And make the “exclusively on Fiverr!” on screen a bit longer just in case.


Spot on! 20 characters


Fiverr says so, so guess it can be :slight_smile:
Look there.


Thanks a lot. I’ll change it :slight_smile: I wish they had mentioned that in the rejection email.


The running time is not always the case. I have several videos that are not under 30 seconds. 1 is actually 3 seconds long and another 1 minute +.


Were those gig videos in certain categories where it’s okay to have those video durations?


I ain’t sure if time duration is category specific. Which category is your gig?


The category is Kinetic Typography.


I find that fiverr are a law unto themselves. If you are trying to make it on the site then you have to jump through all kind of hoops. Once you have been established a little while then you seem to be able o do pretty much anything you like (within reason)

Juts keep with it and you’ll get there in the end!


I’ve seen a few video gigs with watermarks for places like Powtoon. Does your video have a watermark?


No, it’s using the bought copy of Video Maker FX and I didn’t select or see any watermark option (technically I do see slight posterization in the background - probably because of the h264 compression and bitrate the program uses. I don’t know if they mind about that - if everything is in motion it shouldn’t really matter much/be that noticeable and it was exported with the highest quality settings the program allowed (the option was “very best quality” or something). I did create another version where it’s less visible that I could try uploading).


Not always maybe, or they left those up that were before they made those time limits maybe. I had a video denied that was over 60 seconds and then it passed after the only change I had made was shorten it to below 60 seconds.
Either way if OP knows it’s nothing mentioned in the mail it might be that.
They was another thread like this and it had been the duration there.


I didn’t know there was a time limit, let me test it out. Does fiverr send out newsletter when they make adjustment to rules like that?


Look at the link I posted, they write 30 - 60 seconds there

Oh and OP, maybe ask Customer Support if they can tell you what exactly it was, as the mail I and others got on denied videos said you only have 3 tries and then you may not be able to upload a video for that gig anymore at all (though I didn’t read anything on the forum yet by someone that actually happened to I think). They might just send the same mail that lets you guess on the reason why, but who knows.


My video was rejected because the base price was set to $10.

So yes, you have to have a starting price of $5.

I think the length was the issue in your case as Mila said.

Good luck!


But doesn’t that depend on the category?
See: How many of your changing your Basic gig price to $25 or $50

Isn’t animation (or video) one of the categories where you can charge a base price of higher than $5? Or does it depend on your level?

Is there a list somewhere of what base prices are allowed in what categories (assuming the above link is correct)? I assume it checks after you update a gig to check that the base price is within range (or if not surely it should).

Note: that shouldn’t matter for this particular gig (as its base price is $5) but I have other gigs related to video that have a base price higher than $5 (if the above link is incorrect, maybe I need to change them).


So I have tested out the time duration and uploaded an 11 second video and it got accepted. The category was in typography. So I really don’t know why your video got rejected.