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Basically what must we do on fiverr when we online?

Basically what must we do on fiver when we online? About 25 days ago I joined fiverr. Normally I am coming to fiverr send buyer request, follow fiverr form & Facebook sharing. Only 5 orders I got. Advice & Answers will be helping sellers.

Thank you

Some people don’t get their first order for 6 months. It depends on the demand of your product, how you present yourself, and what you do to promote yourself.

Read the Tips for Sellers section of the forum, a lot of good tips there.

I was lucky. I got few sales and level 1 rating.

There’s not much you can actually do on Fiverr to get more sales other than post in the forums and ensure that your gigs are well optimised.

You should concentrate on marketing your gigs elsewhere like on other forums, social media and blogs etc.

Quite true.

I dont think optimizing does effect. When I created my a gig it was in 3rd row in recommended gigs. I got 6 sales and received feedback from only 2 buyers. 100% rating…Now…for that specific keyword my gig appears in 18-20th row.

Help me understand… I dont know SEO.

You can do a trip on Fiverr as visit other gigs to view what other sellers are offering.

Should be patient to get more orders in future. Please waiting and waiting for a better business.

I come here frequently when I can. From time to time I change a word or two in my gigs and hope they “do something” :slight_smile: My fist sale was totally random and not related with anything I offer (a review). I did it, the buyer left a 5-star positive feedback and since then the orders has been coming.