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Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

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I have bookmarked your post for future reference and will read again while creating a new gig.
I am thinking about using Canva Images in my gigs. Can I use them? Please suggest which site would be best for images.
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Very Informative post that need to readout everyone.

Thank you for your question.
Unfortunately I have no suggestions for where to get images, and am unfamiliar with Canva. If at all possible, you should create/capture your own images. I’m aware that not everyone is a creative, but there are things that are easy, fast, and free to make what you already have better, without using materials that could be questionable.

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Very nice tips. I’ll try to do some to change the raiting of my gigs. Thank you…

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this article is a life saver, despite illustrating my skillfulness in Digital marketing, no order seems coming

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Highly detailed information.

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