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Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

nice, really helpful for beginners

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Very helpful information…

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Excuse me, a very silly question.

I just signed but I can’t find the page where I can see buyer requests for my gigs. Can you help me?

I used the post a request function as a customer and I received a lot of messages, but on seller side I can’t find a list. Thank you!


Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

In a desktop browser, it’s found under the [More] option at the top of the page while in Seller mode. If you don’t see the option, try zooming out. If there are no requests currently available for your categories or level, you will not see any listed.

Please also see: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ's, Times, Issues Etc.) (Note: many of the links in that thread are broken, but the articles can still be found in the Seller/Buyer Help Center by searching for the article title from the link.)


Oh thank you! I go there on more > buyer requests but i don’t see anything… ^^"


This is so helpful! Thank you!


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Question, I currently offer three packages but for the same thing. Would it be wise just to offer one? The only thing is lets say someone orders a 2x of a gig, the delivery date doesn’t change so I am kind of contemplating if I should stick with 3 packages or just do one?

Thank you for your question.

(Quick reminder first, there’s exceptions to every rule and not everything can apply to all categories or all gigs.)

I glanced at your gig, and as far as I can tell, it might be worth trying. The way you have it set up, a buyer is more likely to order the basic package twice than the standard package, because the 3 @ $20 * 2 = $40 which costs less than 6 @ $45. Same strange pricing with Premium.

Any potential buyer who sees this is going to ask “why does it cost more for the same amount?” and with good reason, and then either make an incorrect purchase or leave. (Please see (DES) point 3.)

As an alternative, please see the reply I made here, in response to the same question: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide


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