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Be a seller in android app

I’ve downloaded Fiverr app for Android, but it only have options for buyer, not seller. How to sell my gigs in Andeoid apps ?


The android app is great for receiving notifications etc. as a seller, but really you need to use a desktop/laptop to list gigs.


I use the app for replying to messages and sending out messages in buyer requests. But you have to use desktop for anything else like sending attachments and invoices etc…


You need a laptop, desktop, or tablet to really use this site as a seller. I am currently using a bluetooth keyboard and a Kindle Fire. But a mobile site simply won’t work well for a seller.


Yes I agree with you.But Fiverr app helps sending offer to buyers request, also it can be use for send urgent messages or may be keep the contact with buyers on the way so sellers respond rate increases. I think as not as much as for buyers, but there are few options for sellers as well.

You can make a seel on a mobile device by going onto google then go to fiverr then press the 3 little dots at the top right then find request desktop site and then that should work