Be a top-rated seller


Any one can advice me,how to be a top rated seller on FIVERR.


While there are a few examples of people really making it happen in a short time frame, you’re still a rather new seller.

Here are a few things for you to be doing…and documenting…so you can send Fiverr a credibility kit to try to become a TRS.

#1 Start to participate in the forum (especially helping others and being pro-social)

That is, don’t just ask your questions. Help others.

#2 Keep selling at the good rates you are.

#3 Keep up your stellar rating. IF you have a problem with a user, refund them…

#4 Think about your “story”. For example, if you are a one-armed artist, tell Fiverr about that, they might be able to leverage your situation into PR for the company.

#5 Be a BUYER as well. Fiverr is a community, it’s not a one way "take out"

PS I really like how you worked your gig extras and what your $5 offer is. Smart.


By the way, I’d love to get an order FROM you, I’m going to start targeting my World Domination map, and I need an order from Sri Lanka. If you peek at my gigs and see any that would help you. I’ll definitely include some bonuses for helping me fill the map.