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Be a top rated seller

hello guys,

i want to know how to be a top rated seller in fiverr. is there any works for it.

please share your ideas


Here is a great idea:

Work as hard as you can handle. Then, if it is enough, you will be a top rated seller :slight_smile:


You can buy some stars :))

Of course, the second one is a joke :). Read this -> On the Best Rated Seller secion…

The following comes from a fiverr administrator and is very usefull…

We’re always on the lookout for Top Rated Sellers but we are picky. That’s right, I said it!

So what are we looking for?

We’re literally looking for the full package.

Original sellers who:

-Provide a high quality services

-Have a good sales record with feedback to match

-Provide Gigs that are interesting and well presented - including high quality images and videos

-Are extremely professional in delivery and communication with buyers

-Offer a unique edge to their Gig or service - you want to grab attention of the Editors and your buyers

-are active members of the community - this is plus but not required

Your Gigs should have an image or short video that clearly represents yourself or your service and you should have a profile picture and description. The personal approach is what sells both buyers and our Editors, so keep that in mind.



Search the words Top Rated in the Fiver Forum search.

just make sure to deliver an awesome gig.

Just curious, anyone have any statistic to show whether those TRS sellers are selling more than level 1, 2 guys? :slight_smile:

Reply to @heronimus: Really a helpful tips. we should try your tips. Hope we become successful. :slight_smile:

I would suggest delivering a high level work as quickly as you can. Also ensuring you maintain a high rating satisfaction level. Make sure your gig stands out from the pack and you cant go wrong. good luck! :smiley:

Thanks this post great things…

In order to be a top seller you need to provide excellent customer service, products that are in high demand, keep promoting your gigs on social media and do some research on buyers that would be interested.

If you require any business documents do let me know.

@graphic__shop , well i see you are graphic designer like me honestly if we start work in fiverr 1 year ago maybe we would be now top rated but after this new “Star system rating” its impossible for graphic designers to be top rated… Even if you deliver awsome works every time some buyer will give you 3-4 stars because he can.