Be able to choose where to see buyer requests


Hi there! I joined Fiverr a few months ago and I’m very close to Level One.

One of my gigs is making an illustrated facial avatar from a photo, which I can do pretty well and it turns out to be pretty cool in the end.

However, I’m not on Fiverr to be an illustrator and because I choose to offer that gig I unnecessarily see Illustration related buyer requests. I know you can choose which types you want to see, but there is also the opposite problem. Sometimes there are other categories where I could respond to offers but I 1) don’t think making a gig for it would be effective and/or 2) I already have the max number of gigs.

Therefore, I propose being able to choose which categories you can see buyer requests from.


agreed with you , And you are doing excellent … bravo


you can choose.
When you click Buyers Request, to the right you’ll see “all subcategories”. Just click that and change it to the category you want to see instead of all of them.


I know, I mentioned this in the post. This post is more about ADDING categories that you can send offers for but you might not necessarily have a gig for.


The subcategories on that dropdown list are only those that you have gigs about


Fiverr probably thinks that you shouldn’t offer services that you’re not selling :slight_smile:


BR wasn’t always set up that way. I remember being able to see gigs from all categories and if I see something that I can do and don’t have a specific gig for it, I was still able to submit a request. Being restricted in viewing BR based on active gigs doesn’t help either; I can’t view any posting until I have an active gig.


wasn’t always like that but seems to be that way now.