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Be Alert Before Hacking Your Valuable Account

Hello Guys,
I am Jinnat. How are you all? I want to share today a momentous things for newbies in fiverr so that they all pay attention over this matter.
At present, there two things are established in this universe. One is good & another is bad.
Similarly in the sector of information & technology, this two things are installed also. In this sector, remarkable bad side is hacking. It can demolish one’s all happiness & meriment. We earn something by working so hard. But the hacker hacking this earning so easily by using technologies. It is plainly a misfortune for all of us. Although it’s not easy to stop but we have to be alert.

In this regard, I suggest to keep attention …
When a buyer posts a request with attachment file you have to observe that files is untied means (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, docx such type) or not. If not, you will not try to open that file.
If you open such type of file mistakenly then you can see a dialog box is visible written with “Run”. When you click the Run button instantly your password goes to the hacker & he may destroy you if think so. So, not to open unknown file.
If do, then immediately change your password.

Try your best

Great tips.

You got a point.
Never open any attached executable. It’s not difficult at all to steal the browser password caches using even a simple program.

Learn something new!!thanks

Thank you! I will keep an eye!

Fiverr should build in Spam protection or load image and video previews in buyer requests.

I am aghast at how many people just open any old shit sent to them! I should become a scammer, it’s clearly super-easy to do.

Finally, a good tip in this section. Thanks for that.

I’ve never seen what you are talking about, the dialogue box with “run”.

If you open such type of file mistakenly then you can see a dialog box is visible written with “Run”. When you click the Run button instantly your password goes to the hacker & he may destroy you if think so.

Is there a picture of this you could post?

Gosh thanks remind me this matter. This thing’s often happen when you online fiver using PC. If you download using phone. You won’t able to open that file.

OP is talking about Google Chrome perhaps. In it, when an executable is downloaded, it shows a popup to run the executable.

I don’t think it is that easy to get your account details unless they are not secure enough. I don’t want to go in detail of what things can be done and not.

Not all files without extension can be harmful. Most of the time PDF,Ai,Pub,PSD and so on gets downloaded without extension from buyer request section so I need to figure out which software to open it with. I think Fiverr really needs to work on it. Otherwise I’ve not seen any harmful things so far.

Most of the files you’ve tried to download was source files like(PDF, PSD,Pub, …and so on). It is a bug i noticed long time ago.

I’m an ethical hacker and i can tell more about this :

When you receive a file first thing you need to do is scan it on (Online file scanning service) if its anything less than “100% safe” result don’t open it!

If the file you received is among these extensions *.EXE, *.MSI, *.COM, *.SCR don’t open it at all!!!

Don’t be lazy to scan links you receive from buyers!!

Install an internet security program its so important!!!

Update your passwords regularly!

Install “Keyboard Scrambler” to prevent keyloggers steal even you’ve been hacked!

Don’t put your shields down no matter how close the buyer is!

Follow these instructions and i can guarantee that you won’t be easily hacked even by professional hackers

I think it is a when you download a setup file windows open a dialogue box showing the owner signature of the setup If it is not verified windows issues a warning saying do you really want to install. In simple terms, I never run setups. Also if you download an attachment from a buyer you should obviously know that they cannot be a setup (.exe) file it should be an image or word or something related like that.

I think she is talking about scammers that make use of phishing or something like that. I’ve heard stuff like that from a friend in North Carolina. All the same we all should be very careful. These days, hacking is not difficult anymore.