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Be aware any buyer can get your account blocked

So, My old fiverr account get blocked because I had a fight with a buyer. The buyer threatened to get my account blocked and boom on the same day my account was blocked. Then he was not done he get his two month old order cancelled. And the support does not even try to hear me out they were like we are in power our decision is final. So I request all the seller to take this kind of threatening seriously so your account remain safe.

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What is the reason for your argument with the buyer?

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You already opened another topic about this.

And no, not any buyer can get your account banned.
I’ve been here quite a few years and had a few difficult buyer but never ever received tos warning and definitely not banning account.

You already had 2 warnings before and the last one was for communication outside of fiverr.
So please don’t act as you are innocent.

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Now that you mentioned it, I see the answers in his old thread.

That explains everything: outside communication, owning multi accounts, multi TOS warnings. This thread should be closed.