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Be aware ...Do not login!


Today when i am going through the buyers request…there is a a request where there is a link and when i gone through the link it asks for login details…(see attachment below)

I just want to let everybody know that this can be a scam and anybody can hake your account if you put your login details in it…so please be aware that do not put any login details as it may hack your Facebook account.


Thank you for the info!


Yes it redirects to another site (after saying “this document has moved here”) and the other site has just a log-in option and a Facebook Favicon, but it’s not Facebook. It definitely is some sort of scam to make people think it’s Facebook by having the Facebook Favicon and login option. Yes it’s most likely trying to get people’s log in details for Facebook (a scam).


Thanks for your help


thanks for valuable info


I’m not sure that posting a picture of that URL is a good idea.


Please report it to customer support!


It will only be a problem if someone types the entire thing into the browser.


At least one person has done that, aside from being against forum rules.

It is a posting of a link to a phishing site.


That person has a gig in the same category, and could have seen the link in their own Buyer Request list.

I agree about the forum rules.


Just hoping no one actually goes to that site and does that.


Don’t press this button or you’ll die!

goes on and presses the button


It wouldn’t surprise me if someone did.


why not,…when we know that it is a scam…that is why i put it as an image…may be that would be helpful.

@annai80…yes i did that.


Thanks for your helpful information.


Thank you,:kissing_heart: