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Be aware! Fiverr has fraud my credit card today. Lost 300 dollars

How can I call fiverr by phone?

I paid 2 offers today, and Fiverr debited twice nearly 300 dollars from my credit card (nearly 600 dollars).
After the first transaction I got a screen telling me “We are working on your order”.
Second transaction was as usual.

I called my bank and got confirmation, as well as the ID’s and approval numbers from these 2 transactions.
I opened a support ticket and fiverr answered me that they charged me only once.

So I lost nearly 300 dollars on Fiverr! Incredible!! If it was only 5 bucks, I would not worry so much…
So buyers, be aware! Don’t pay big amounts with credit card, maybe use only with paypal so you can open a reclamation with paypal, if any problem.

Really upsetting!

I am sorry this happened to you. Take a screenshot of the 2 charges on your bank statement and send this to customer support. Fiverr experienced quite a few technical difficulties earlier today and I am sure you will get this sorted out. Best of luck.

The support asked me not to be nervous… haha they steal me 300 dollars, and I don’t have to be upset. I sent them all the informations I received from my bank today, Unfortunately they are unable to admit and correct the mistake.
Why is it not possible to call them?
This company is not trustable. Would be safer to buy just 5 dollar gigs, so you lose only 5 dollars incase they lose your money

Fiverr HQ is in Israel and there are buyers and sellers from all over the world and a very small number of Fiverr staff. This is not a huge company with a large help desk and it would be very difficult at this stage to have a call center who could manage incoming calls, various languages and accents, etc. While I understand your frustration, Customer Support is clearly working on your issue. (They wouldn’t be trying to help you if they had intended to steal from you.)

As far as your last question, that is an important one. I haven’t seen evidence that the company is not trustworthy but you do have to remember that Fiverr is really just a platform, they don’t sell the services themselves. The platform is for independent sellers to offer services. With anything that is new to you and anonymous, I would suggest starting out cautiously because unfortunately there are always some problem users on any platform. This is also true for Ebay, Etsy and various freelancing sites. Anytime you use any site for the first time I would test it with a smaller amount, perhaps $5-25. I don’t say that because of it getting lost, I haven’t heard of that happening here, but there are other possibilities.

Your bank may have a hold on the funds temporarily because it is an international transaction. Also, if a seller does not deliver what they promise, the ToS tells you that your refund would come in the form of credit to buy other gigs. If you test things out first with a smaller amount of money, you won’t have to panic if something does go temporarily wrong.

Once you find sellers that you are comfortable with and know that things are straightened out with payments, then you would feel safer with higher cost transactions. To me, it’s more common sense than a trust issue. I buy and sell on Fiverr and I start small when I buy from new sellers. I advice my buyers to start small because on a global platform communication isn’t always what we hope. Hang in there and I’m sure you will get more information.

It’s not about sellers, but the Fiverr platform.

Mistakes happen everywhere, no problem with that. But Fiverr just doesn’t care about.

I called my bank another time, and nope, they did not hold the funds, the full amount was sent to Fiverr.
There must be a way to join them…

If fiverr says they charge you only once you can believe them. Sometimes you will see what appears to be two charges on your credit card but the second one has not and will not be processed. Wait a few days and contact your credit card company. They may tell you the second transaction even with the confirmation number was not processed.

If you made two purchases why would you only expect to see one transaction?

But it has been processed!

I have 2 different reference numbers and approval numbers, one for each transaction, AND the amount has been debited twice!

I called one more time my bank, and they told me that every serious website in the world must be able to handle the transactions with the ID’s they gave me.

No news from fiverr… my order shows up always unpaid. Should I pay one more time and forget about 300$ lost?

Yes I expect to see 2 transactions. But fiverr has only one transaction recorded, although I paid (and was debited) for my two orders.

You see, I have always no news from fiverr!
You have no idea how frustrating that really is. Nearly 600 dollars have disappeared from my credit card, the transactions are clearly labeled “Fiverr”, while Fiverr has no record for half of the amount, and my seller thinks that I did not pay my order…

I was trying to explain that even though it seems to be processed it can take a week to actually go through. Yes it will be processed but you will not actually see the charge on your bill.

I did not know fiverr does the payment processing. I thought Paypal or Payoneer did that.

I understand your frustration but I am sure that Fiverr will work on the issue. Customer Support get a lot of requests and for payments I am sure that there are a number of different departments required to get involved, each of which takes time. I don’t represent Fiverr in any way but the first thing I thought of was that perhaps 2 payments of the same amount from the same card might cause a “red flag” where they need to check it out, in the same way that banks sometimes block payments if they look suspicious for some reason.
It is not easy to hear but I think you will just have to be patient with them and wait for an answer.
Whether you should make another payment for the second seller is up to you to decide but I suggest you take screenshots of everything you do so you can explain everything clearly if necessary.

I don’t know who processes the transactions, I paid with credit card, and when I called my bank, they told me that I have been debited twice by a company named “Fiverr”.
If the processing needs a week to be completed, explain that to my seller, who is waiting for the payment.
All I know is that the money has gone from my credit card saldo, and it has been sent to “fiverr”.
It makes me afraid that Fiverr has no idea about the transaction processed on their behalf. They even don’t give any news or at least apologize for the issue… very unprofessional and impolite

I am pretty sure you are correct, @misscrystal. To my understanding, Fiverr uses PayPal to process credit card transactions. The buyer just enters the credit card number and PayPal processes them as a “guest” without a PP account. This could be a PP problem, a bank problem, Fiverr accounting, or just a misunderstanding.

What I do see here is that this entire thread has been 6/20 and the 19th was a Sunday. The OP has not even been patient for a couple of business days. This talk of placing yet another order and losing $300-600 (the amount seems to change between OP comments) and not waiting a realistic period of time seems strange. Is that just me?

To @christiane74: Although your situation isn’t entirely clear to me, if I was a buyer in this situation I sure wouldn’t re-order yet. Calm down and give the accounting departments some realistic time during business hours to sort this out. You can rant on the forum if it makes you feel better. Even with its faults, Fiverr has a good history handling financials. Customer Support is not the accounting department, they are just mediators, so of course they aren’t going to be able to give instant answers. I don’t think the forum readers and moderators can really do much else for you.

Paypal is not the only option on fiverr, you can pay with creditcard. But paypal would definitely be the safer solution, because you can easily make reclamations through paypal. Unfortunately I paid with cc :frowning:
And NO - there is no option to pay with credit card through paypal (as guest), like it is possible on other websites, otherwise that is what I would have done!

Nope the amount doesn’t change :frowning: 600 dollars in 2 transactions and fiverr claims that they got only one of them… so there are 300 dollars missing. There is no change! And they always didn’t find the money!

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