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BE AWARE! Hacker is all around


Hi Fiverr fellows,

I just want to make all of you aware that here is a dangerous hacker. He/she is using different user names. Typically he would send you a file that contains some sort of virus. It is is .doc file. You would open it and your system would get compromised. He would get all of your passwords and accounts. He would transfer money from your accounts without even your notice. Yes!! He would delete all relevant emails from your email accounts.

Many of my friends got hacked in last three days.
Here is his new identity:

Check this hacker immediately and block him right away. So that many poor fiverr users may not lose their hard earned money.

Mod Note: Naming others users in this manner is not allowed, please do not do so. Any concerns about another user should be brought to the attention of Customer support by submitting a ticket to


Thank you for the heads up :slight_smile:

talk with fiverr support