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Be aware of a FAKE buyer... For Every Seller [RETIRED - READ FORUM DO'S AND DONT'S BEFORE POSTING]

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THIS is his quote on fiverr buyer request, He submit his request several times on fiverr buyer request. first he order and after received delivery he forced to cancel order, i am one of the victim and recently i found 10 of my friends on fiverr they are also victim of him… this is his link FRAGGLESROCK i already complain on fiverr customer center but its not working, so i think Its my duty to aware all of seller on fiverr… fragglesrock

Thanks for share

I misunderstood the original post and responded but then realized I was in error so I edited my response. @latifahmed I don’t fully understand your complaint but for future reference you cannot post usernames on the forum. Please read the forum Do’s and Dont’s to avoid breaking rules when posting.

this is also done with me at least two time ,i completed the orders then buyer said cancel the order otherwise i will rate you 1 star then i cancelled the order and refund him doller, after that gave me bad review without any reason

fiverr should solve this problem,its big headache for sellers please.

Thanks for inform your experience with sellers

This is also done with me. I delivered logo to my buyer and then he cancel the order and he said I will rate your gig 1 star if you don’t cancel, So I had to cancel the order…

This is not fair…

Fiverr must solve this problem.

Reply to @shubhmishra: It is already in the Fiverr Terms of Service. If any buyer tries to threaten you with negative reviews you need to take the right steps. Stay polite and take screen shots or at least text copies of the buyer’s abusive behavior.

Open a ticket with Customer Support and send them your evidence. Be patient and don’t get into arguments with the buyer. In some clearcut cases Fiverr will warn or ban the buyer. Fiverr cannot prevent these things in advance, they don’t have a crystal ball. After something happens, though, they may be able to help.

They are trying to get there work done for free by intimidating us… Fiverr must look at this problem. :)]

Reply to @fonthaunt: Yes it is the correct way

All buyers having this headache

Hello i am new on fiverr and recently i have a problem with this buyer he used bad language … here i attach a screen shot… he is really a bad buyer

Sheriff’s Note: Image removed due to having buyer’s name visible. ‘Calling out’ is not permitted on the forum. If you need to report inappropriate behaviour, please contact customer support

Sheriff’s Note: Another moderator had to remove the image and add the note above. That means that this thread had 3 different users posting 3 buyer usernames. At least 2 sheriff’s are having to follow it now to prevent further rule-breaking. The thread can remain but will be closed to further discussion since people seem to be posting without reading the rest of the thread.

Reply to @fonthaunt: i think its just awareness for seller… so that seller would not fall any trap …