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Be aware of bitly links

Someone sent me some “sheet music” for me to take a look and it was a virus… Google (DNS provider) caught it and reported that I was headed to a website known for distributing malicious software… A little while later this message appeared on that buyer’s message page:

“For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.”

Take a guess why that is…

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Never click on shortened links. Fiverr messaging system allows for 1200 characters per message, why would anyone legitimately need to shorten a link?

It depends. I usually shorten links so I can type more information. Like during promotion tweets to bring attention to my gigs but I make use of another url shortener but never shorten them if they’re going to be posted within gigs.

I just wanted to give some advice about LINKS to website URL’s you might receive in your Fiverr inbox. It is recommended you do NOT click on ANY links you receive. If a prospect is asking you to look at something ask them to send you it in a file (etc… .doc .wav .png etc etc)… Good thing for anti-virus software! I made the mistake of clicking on a bit/goo link, but thankfully my anti-virus picked up on it and blocked the attack. Be safe my fellow Fiverrers!

Reply to @freelancepromw: I’d say that links to websites like Youtube, SounCloud or Reddit are ok to click on!

For shortened urls just use a browser extension to decrypt and see the real url. After that as usual you do a quick google search of the url, if its ok you check it with noscript or text only browser.

With links to familiar websites check and double check the actual url by right clicking the link - copy url, then paste it to notepad or directly to google search. Urls are often disguised in html and malicious sites often use domains that are really close to a real legit site.

I miss the good old days when you could just click links!

Reply to @mgjohn78: Wow, I actually didn’t know that shortened url “decryption” plugins were a thing… Thanks for sharing! Also, I recommend NoScript for everybody… People are unaware of just how easy it is to hijack a computer using JavaScript!

Thanks for informing us.

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