Be Aware of the Spammers on Fiverr!


yesterday i got a message from a fake user, and when i did a search for her email i found that she’s or he’s a spammer. so be careful.

Fiverr Spamming mean?

Yeah same here, got a message from a user from sinegal, saying that she wants me to contact her in her email to see her picture lol, report them :slight_smile:


Yeah, make sure to report their messages so Fiverr can monitor them more closely.


i got the same msg haha, lol


yeah sure !!


Beware or be square.


How can you know that the buyer is a spammer?


If someone who does not want to ask a question about your gig messages you, they are a spammer. They are sending spam. In this case spam is any type of message that is not about one of your gigs, or about a gig you have bought or asked about.


Thanks for sharing


thank you brother for sharing this…


Haha… yeah. I got the same message. She also asked me to send my phone number tho lol


Thank you so much for your Aware becouse i’m newbie here!!!


i get a same message. :slight_smile:


what are disadwantages ?


it’s really disgusting…! i got a message he want to chat with me in email.! i replyed him to discuss everything on fiverr i won’t able to chat him with email… than i didn’t get any reply from him…when i will gonna check him out i found him he is spammer…so we should be careful about it…

Thanks :slight_smile: