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I’ve read, “I’m new,” and “Help me, please,” so many times it’s ridiculous.

I have a TRS illustrator who does unique, one of a kind, hand drawn work starting at $5. Her work/portfolio/profile are all original. I’ve searched before and for giggles, I tried again. I’ve yet to find any new seller who can even come close to what she can do.

My opinion as a buyer, if you want to beat a TRS or a successful level 2, then you have to be better. If you’re thinking, “But they have hundreds, thousands of reviews. No one wants to buy from me because I dont have reviews.”

Well, you’re right. You don’t have reviews, you probably have stolen portfolio, fake profile picture, plagiarized portfolio/gig description, poor grammar, etc. I bet you spent more time stealing off famous websites and your fellow sellers than creating your own.

  • No one will buy from you because you cheated and you lied.
  • If you think review is the only reason why you’re not making sales then you might as well fold shop and leave
  • Why should I pay a newbie $25 for illustration when my TRS will do a better job for $5.
  • Are you mad at Her? Do you think she should raise her price? Here’s another harsh statement: What she chooses to sell for is none of your darn business.
  • Its not just for illustration. I’ve hired newbies proofreaders/editor’s over level 2 because their gigs were better.

Competition is a great thing. It forces you to better, it makes you think, keeps you on your toes.

So, New Sellers convince me to hire you. Show me your gigs. Why are you better than the proofreaders, editors and article writers I have now?

You don’t need to know who they are, you just need to tell me how good you are.


Make that: I have a TRS article/blog post writer who does unique, one of a kind, work starting at $5. His work/portfolio/profile are all original. etc. etc.



Well, I’ve seen some fake people with better sell here.
Maybe they’re inspiring those you mentioned… :grin:


You make it sound like we killed your loved ones


So have I.

Interesting phenomenon. I wonder about those. :confused:


Visit my gigs ,please.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Already have! You are one of my :sparkling_heart:!!



Yep! New sellers with no sales.
And You know, I’m new too, never ever whined about sells.
There are lots of us(newbies), aren’t complaining about the system and working hard to overcome the issues or get along with the system!

Sadly, some sellers complained, complaining and will complain no matter what you say! :roll_eyes::smirk:



Can you please explain, why did you get this feeling after reading the topic? I would honor your thoughts. :wink:



Maybe I should move this to the Ranting Pot. It seems to be headed that way.

Which is okay by me, but it was originally set to have newbies brag about their gigs.

Getting back to topic, fake anything = lying. You have to be really, really smart and have really, really, good memory to keep up the pretense, sooner or later they get caught.

You’ve read those Level 2 Sellers complaining that 5r disabled their best gig with 500 five star reviews. It took a year or two but they got caught! Ouch! :frowning::broken_heart:




I’m new.
I never plagiarized my gigs.
I wrote my own descriptions.
I made my own pictures.
I edit my gigs again and again.
But I still don’t get any orders.
But have I ever complained? No, not once.
And now some buyer comes out of nowhere and accuses new users of all these bad things. As if all new users are plagiarizers?!


Those are neither bad things nor wrong. :rage:
You are 5 days older. She has been observing those for years or should I say decades and gave some valuable suggestions to get orders. As a new seller, I don’t see anything wrong on this topic.
Keep an eye on the community, you will see some soon. :wink:

And, yes! stay positive, bruh, or you’re not gonna run much ahead! Good luck. :wink:


I’m not gonna argue anymore about this matter.

Onto another topic: how do I check how old my gig and account is?


How old your account is:


I figured someone would misunderstand.

I obviously wasn’t pointing at new sellers with great gigs, but . . . . You already knew that!! :grinning:


Damn it, I’m blind! Thanks. By the way, I signed up a year ago but only started using Fiverr a few days ago.


@kelvinrk32 Some comments, threads, and advice are not to be taken personally. Unluckily many new people are so susceptible.
Open your mind and read between lines, watch the whole picture instead of getting stubborn over few words you may have misunderstood.
Take your 5 minutes to think about the whole, and then take your 5 minutes more to digest it, and take the real message within those sentences.
There will be always one who will take it personally, let it not be you next time, be better than that!


I bust 1 profile per week - I don’t spend too much effort though Fiverr does appreciate my help!


Your profile photo is “Fake.”


Please use an image that is YOURS and either a genuine picture of yourself or a logo YOU created :wink: