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Be careful about accepting web dev buyer


Be careful about accepting web design or development buyer. Because there are some scammers out there. First, they will order for a small task. Then somehow their website will be washed away and they will start blaming you if you conscious about your profile as a seller. They will start blackmailing you and will want a new website in that little amount. Be careful. Happy selling…


I’m sure there are some scammers out there, but if you have a solid process in place then they can’t really blackmail you or force you to do anything you don’t want.


At this point you report them, and CS will take measures. Don’t accept things like this! :slight_smile:


Yeah, such scammers should be reported to the CS for necessary actions. Thanks for sharing though.


I think real buyer is not like that but some seller acting like buyer here and doing this process to get free work.