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Be Careful about the buyers who is also a seller


It’s hard to handle the buyer who become a seller after completing your order.

Few days ago a buyer ordered one of my citation gig and I delivered on time. She found a little issue(Actually that was not my fault. she missed an information and I changed that without any cost) and I solved within one hour. she was satisfied and posted positive review. :slight_smile: But…

After one month later she change her review and make it negative. she wrote a 500+ words negative review which stop my sells. Before that review had 100% positive review. Sent lot of message but no replays.

became hopeless and after one week checked her profile and became speechless. She offered just what she bought from me.

At last contacted with fiverr customer support and they review my work and message. after one week customer support remove that review.

But those two weeks didnt get a single order for that review and lost some regular clients.

My suggestion to all seller’s “Check your clients profile before starting your order”.

Thanks everybody and Happy New Year


Sorry to hear this.

Your headline paints with a very broad brush about a group, not an individual. Lots of Buyers and Sellers are Sellers and Buyers. And many operate professionally.

It’s always a smart to know something about the folks you do business with, but it’s not always possible.


What a horrible experience! I’m very sorry to hear that. Hopefully that buyer/seller was banned from the site



I am sorry to hear that story alluniverse. I am also a seller & buyer as most of us are on fiverr and after 9 happy months, today I had an uncomfortable situation. It is a long story so I won’t copy-paste in your thread but you may read my forum post if you like here


Reply to @happyspace: Already read your post. Thanks to share your experience.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Yeah you are right. Just wanted to aware to check the buyers profile. It will helps to get idea about the buyer…


I’d also caution against getting too general with the buyer-seller brush. I routinely buy from others and of course, also sell, including occasionally from sellers with with gigs in the same genre as me (although not the same services). That actually makes sense because that shows that you know what is worth your time and what is better handed off to others.

The point being, you can forge relationships with other sellers and even be a regular customer for them in related areas you don’t want to handle yourself…and vice versa. These are the people that will be here regularly and have a realistic idea of how things work and what to expect, right? So don’t be too quick to jump far away from potential business relationships based simply on seller status.

Those that “clone and burn” are easy enough to identify. Do as you did and report and keep providing quality service. Your previous customers should never be swayed by new reviews, they’ll already know what the experience is.


Yes, so sorry to hear about your bad experience.

I am myself a buyer as well as a seller, as being a seller here has opened my eyes to the multiple talents in the Fiverr community.

It’s good to hear the Customer Service had your best interests in mind, but so sorry to hear it was at the expense of a few weeks of lost sales!


@whatweb :slight_smile:


really sorry to hear that this happened. its tough when reviews are the driving force behind getting sales because even if you made 100 people happy all you need is that 1 unhappy customer to wreck everything. some people just can not be pleased no matter what you do for them. it doesn’t matter what you do. they want to buy the gig from you and they want you to do the gig their way and when you don’t do it their way and they complain you try doing it their way anyway even after you specified that you don’t offer what they are asking but decided to do it for them because they asked for it and then they have the gall to write a bad review about it. i am not sure if sellers can write reviews about buyers but maybe that function should be added. something that can give the seller an opportunity to explain themselves because just as there are bad sellers there are bad buyers too and it isn’t fair to good sellers to have to worry about their business being hurt because of 1 horrible incident with a buyer who wouldn’t be pleased even before they made the purchase. the best thing I can say to you is you should try learning how to spot bad buyers. i know that is a tall order and its not easy but 1 thing you can do once the issue has been resolved is keep an eye out for that buyer and cancel their order immediately if they try placing one again because people are people if they did it once they will do it again and that 1 order is not worth jeopardizing all of your orders.


Thanks @jmaresca. Sellers can post review but if you have a bad review sellers review doesnt work more. By the way, My suggestions to all seller “Keep record of all of your works and reply every message politely, If you complete your offered task on your gig accurately- dont need to be worried about bad review and no need to beg to remove bad review to buyer. You can ask him to show the reason and you can prove yourself that you was right. if he/she dont remove just contact customer support. I think they will be on your sight if you are right”…


Reply to @jais5678 and @whatweb : Hi @jais5678 and @whatweb , Actually I didnt meant that every buyers (who is also seller) is bad. Just keep an eye on buyers profile and that can be helpful. Obviously appreciate buyers (who is also seller) because we can contact on hard time with a seller and we cant contact a buyer( who is not a seller) until he order any of your gig. Now Its a great opportunity for us that we can discus our problems here and can share our experiences with others…


Hi again alluniverse (thanks for reading) :slight_smile:

alluniverse said: My suggestion to all seller's "Check your clients profile before starting your order".

Yes, that is helpful but profiles can be modified at any time. I had a seller who changed her image profile from a photo to a graphic immediately when something went wrong with the transaction.

wish you the best!


oh my, so sorry to hear about your bad experience with the buyer…


Same with me :)) But I had punished that guy. His business may bankruptcy now.

You can check about my story in the “Making 100posts/forum” gig :slight_smile:

I had checked his profile but I still let him earn by that way (My service purpose is bring benefits to customers) The only thing his parents didn’t teach him is RESPECT.


There are people who do things like that all over the world.

An acquaintance of mine opened a cafe by the sea in the middle of nowhere and were very successful. A year or two later an icecream van started to come and park by them every day and as icecream was one of their major sources of income, eventually they had to close down. There was nothing they could legally do about it and the icecream man was adamant he was staying there and would still be there after they had gone. It’s human nature, some people are just not very nice and they are too sad and lost in their heads to find a way to be original and think of something that they created themselves, they have to steal from someone else. They are the ones who are the losers who will never know the pride and joy of having their own accomplishments.

Why did it take fiverr two weeks to do something about it?

That is the fault of customer services, who ought to act immediately in such cases. I don’t understand why on the picture of the fiverr staff they are looking so pleased with themselves, as based on the user-friendliness of this site - and it seems customer services to sellers - I certainly would not be. They need to do something about this site which is so difficult to use.

alluniverse said: Actually I didnt meant that every buyers (who is also seller) is bad.

You can change your headline to this post, to make it what you actually meant.


In my experience, I find it easier to work with people who are sellers and buyers (like myself). Someone who works both sides understands how this website works, they also understand the work that goes into all you do. I understand there will always be those who will bring you down just because you do the same work as them… I would be hesitant to work with someone who offers anything that I sell unless their project seems worth it. I have worked with all kinds of people and those who are buyers and sells are more detailed and easier to work with. They also are usually very reliable and understand the worth of your money.