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Be careful about Youtube likes!

Buyer beware! I hired a Fiverr gig to get YouTube likes - and they put some spiders or bots or some evil ware onto my video which got me into BIG TROUBLE with YouTube! Very Scary!!!

Good gravy yes…don’t buy likes and such!!! Anybody offering you thousands of views/likes, etc…are using bots and using unsavory methods!!

Now…in saying that, as a bonus I get my clients a gain in popularity and rank by getting them likes, followers, views…but I have a network of real people who truly will view,like subscribe because they “like” what you are offering! I don’t offer this as a separate gig…because I don’t guarantee how many will like your what you are offering!

I don’t usually chime in here on the forum…but I’ve read too many posts about people getting screw$d over by others offering such ridiculous gigs!

So yes…people…DO NOT buy these sorts of services period!!!

Hi there,

There is no reason for buying likes. I mean they are not real people, so why would you need them. You can not promote anything to them. You can not talk to them. They are just useless… Also they doesn’t come with comments and user interaction so it will look strange having 10000 likes with 0 comments.

The only good likes, followers or +1 are the natural ones. Also, when you have natural impact from users, you will know that your doing great. When you don’t, then you will know that you have to make improvements… Don’t buy false likes! There is no point of having them and you can always get fished or worse, because most of the people that offer this kind of services are not very trustworthy.

I got my Ytube account banned due to fake likes and views. Will never do this again.

This would be to freelancerva:

How would you tell the real deal from the fake ones?

Reply to @dikosay: It’s easy, if you know SEO.

most people offering thousands of likes are really using bots etc, the real ones are those within a few hundreds generated over some days not someone saying 10,000 views in one day.

to dikosay

How would you tell the real deal from the fake ones?

I would know the real deal from fake, because as I said…I forward the link to trusted friends…:slight_smile:

im happy every time someone gets their acc banned because of cheating and then complain about it.

Reply to @dikosay: If they provide bulk views, most of the time they are fake. No one can afford advertising on Youtube to get you those likes. Best thing is, try yourself to build your audience.

A lot of promotional gigs on fiverr are outright ridiculous. I don’t understand why fiverr lets gigs like this exist! I saw a gig that said ‘I will promote your facebook to millions of fans’ and the feedback is hilarious.

'I haven’t noticed any gain yet, but seller delivered gig as promised.'

No, the seller just took $5 from you :frowning:

Reply to @biancha: Don’t happy with that, because it’s still a sin. :wink:

Reply to @mindmade: Agree with you. I think it’s a violation of those sites to sell likes, followers etc.

Reply to @luikangmk: if they choose to sin and get screwd over, it makes me happy cuz they deserve it.

Reply to @biancha: I’m a Buddhist myself. It’s a sin in both cases according to Buddhism.

  1. Your happiness, when other people face troubles due to their faults.
  2. Your happiness, when other people face troubles without knowing it.

    Anyway, it’s up to you to decide it. :slight_smile:

Reply to @luikangmk: religion is a “yucky” subject so i prefer not to talk, i say yucky in a non offensive way. Most people get offended talking about it so lets just eat a cookie, whatever works for you and makes you happy! *hug!

Reply to @biancha: Yeah, Big Agree with you. People fight each other when it’s a religion discuss. Cookies :wink:

that why you have to make a good video so that real people will like your videos. :slight_smile:

Yes, that is why it is always wise to go with organic promotions as you know you are promoting to a real audience and increasing your chances of producing real results.