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Be careful cheating!

Hi Fiverr,

I’ve got this letter…Be careful. These people pretend as a team of Fiverr. Please, let the team of Fiverr respond to this challenge and punish this user.

Sheriff’s note: thanks for your thread, Fiverr admins have already been noticed about this user.
Link has been obfuscated to avoid someone to visit it…

any outsource link are suspicious and seem it want to hack your acc
report fiverr about this :smiley:

Be aware such like Scammer!!

Report them.


You’ll note that the language and syntax of that post is also suspiciously poor. The Fiverr team knows how to communicate well, and use proper English. There’s plenty of evidence to this effect. That post is clearly from an Asian user who does not speak fluent English. That should be a red flag right there.

Second, as has already been noted, off-site links are considered spam on the forums – especially one with the .tk Internet country code for Tokelau, an island in the South Pacific. It is known that the .tk domain extension is prevalent among spammer use.

The Fiverr team will most likely use a domain location if they are offering a new service to their users.

Don’t ever try to click on it By mistake too.

Thanks for the heads up guys. Its greatly appreciated.