Be Careful for story


Hi Everyone,

I noticed a little “scamming” recently and was wondering if anyone has ran into this. My gig:

has been up for quite a while now and I have done well with it, but recently I had a message from a person who wanted to pay me to write, yet won’t order a gig. He wanted “sample articles.” I stated that he must order and he never did.

I wanted to spread the word here, and I will let others know because I think he wants free content for his website.

Thanks! And good luck on your fiverr endeavors!


i had a very bad experience in my case, a person made some work with me it was simple data entry job and i was free so picked anyway, he said he wanted me to build a site and asked me to do this job meanwhile he prepare fund for website development.

after everything was done, and i entered some data 25 records in his site and checked the site was not showing on so i informed him and he paid me.

then he asked me to create a software and prepare demo for it ,so i did. and after wards he told me he havent need that, and asked me check his wordpress site and then he started asking me payback his 5$ because i never done anything for him.

such is my experience with spammers, i think fiverr must have a block user like feature, i have worked 11 hours and in return i got torture.


Wow, the same thing happened to me a few days again. A person asked me to write them a letter of intent for three Universities. I said no prob. But they wouldn’t order a gig and kept asking and asking for me to send them samples. I told them that it didn’t work that way but they kept asking. So I just ignored them because I felt pestered.


Nice catch Kelbachj9,

I gotta admit, if you’re concerned about content being copied aswell or you feel you have been ripped off, you can go on it’s a free online plagiarism checker, how it works is you just copy and paste the article into the field, then it will search the web to see if anyone has pasted the article on their website giving you the site owners web address for you to chase up further.


Reply to @vGividlion: As I check is a great tool and I had never heard about it! Thanks for sharing vividlon!


Yes indeed i have experienced this a looot of times! :slight_smile: but then I just reply them using a polite sarcastic way hee hee:)


Just a “beware” to sellers :slight_smile: