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Be careful from the cunning buyers who are getting done their job for free

Now a days there are buyers who will find your gig and ask your offer for a huge number of order. What ever the big price you offer they will not bargain and they will say okay with the price, but they will not accept your offer, instead they will say “okay you complete and show me one number and if i am satisfied will accept your offer”.

For example one of my gig is offering 3D Mockup of product packages. They will ask offer for 20 and will ask to finish only one and show.

Actually what they want is only this one. Once they got it done they will simply say “Sorry this is not i am looking for” and after that they will not reply to you.

If any sellers who face this kind of situation ask them to make the order only for 1st sample and do not send anything free.


Happening from 2010.

Samples customized yes but with your watermark or lower resolution or with something making sample unusable.


I named my basic package: Sample package. They can’t ask for free sample. Want a sample? Order the sample package, it’s as simple as that. Not happy that you have to pay for it? Not my problem. Next!

If they are happy with it and want me to keep working on it, I discount the 10$ from the custom offer or add an extra, since the sketch has already been done. I think that’s fair and honest. But if they don’t want me to keep working on the illustration, well I made 10$ so I didn’t waste my time for nothing.


Yes its a good idea to make it with watermark or provide with lower resolution.

You are correct me too have basic package as same.

But what will happen is when an average seller facing this kind of situation, seller might hesitate to say that to “order the basic package”. Seller will put full effort to do the sample as the customer will communicate with you in a very genuine way and also its a most valuable order and the seller do not want to loose it.

This is greatly good idea .it can help me on this situation .

If a buyer want a sample for free and is not willing to pay a small amount for it, it’s mostly a buyer you don’t want to work with in the first place. I can spend anywhere between 30 mins to 2 hours on a sketch depending of how complex the illustration is. This time deserves to be paid. I’m not wasting this time working for free for a “maybe I’ll order from you if I like it”.


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