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Be careful of attachments in Buyers Requests


So yeah, this happened.

Moral of the story: Be careful before opening files. Better to always do a check on Virus Total.
Furthermore, NEVER open executable files i.e. .exe, .scr, .cmd, .vbs etc…

Suspicious Message

There are many scammers trying to make sellers download viruses and programs. I simply don’t download the files with uncommon, executable and compressed formats. Even word docs are not safe these days.

You unzipped that file? I would suggest you to change fiverr password as a precautionary measure.



Unzipped it but didn’t run it. The .scr extension was a dead giveaway. I just wanted to see Virus Total’s analysis.


Just a couple of days I had a client asking me if I could handle the translation of a document for their firm and as a translator, I am kind of used to just click on the attached word document right away to see if I can translate the text. The word document just contained an image and as soon as I opened the file, my antivirus programme popped up and since then I have all kinds of problems. Didn’t actually know it was possible with just a word document.


Yep… Office documents, PDF files even Audio/Video files can be rigged with a payload to attack a vulnerability in the program that opens it. Just be extra careful and keep your software and AV updated.


Thanks for the advise! It’s just tricky when really any order or request has a word document attached :confused:


Just do scan on before opening any file. It only takes a few minutes. Sometimes certain AVs aren’t able to catch some types of malware but virustotal provides a comprehensive scan of all AVs in the market.


Thank you so much for information, i will always remember that.


Simple answer is use Mac.


This is my go-to. Handy website to sniff out the shady downloads. A user wanted me to download an .exe said it was a VO script. :roll_eyes:


I also saw this and send a offer in his request.


A real shame this happened, thanks for letting us know.