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Be Careful of Buyers who enjoy leaving bad reviews and want something for nothing


Hi, I just want to warn people about some buyers who enjoy leaving bad reviews and want things for nothing.

As a big company off fiverr who provide public relations, marketing, online marketing, SEO and media services, we are use to working with companies of all different sizes and people from all walks of life but since joining fiverr my eye have been opened.

We offer a number of services which our buyers love and one new service that we provide is helping for fiverr sellers to get their product and service out there.

The service comes in different formats, from a basic gig where we promote one fiverr gig using Facebook, Twitter where we promote the gig to over 100,000 people and use other methods which includes bookmarking etc. Now this person, (I am happy to share their details with you or visit our Facebook or twitter accounts to see their details as fiverr do not allow you to name people trying to rip people off, do not understand why, we will also be writing an article about our experience with this person so other fiverr sellers do not suffer)who according to the services that they offer is a SEO expert so why on earth did they need our service when they can do this themselves (do not believe they have a clue about SEO), ordered a basic gig at $5 where we would promote one fiverr gig, sent over three gigs to promote. Now because it is xmas we decided to promote all three and we did a good job, but then when the gig was finished they decided they did not want to pay and wanted us to cancel the gig. Now, there was no way when we had done all the work was I going to cancel the gig, so they left a bad review which included the word spammer, not sure where they have got that from but I am shocked by that.

Now it seems to me that xxxxx had no intention to pay and was taking advantage of wanting three gigs for the price of one. Fiverr customer services have been contacted by me but I am still waiting to hear.

It is shocking when we have people like this on fiverr who are spoiling it for other people and fiverr really needs to clean up its act and get rid of people like this or watch them very carefully.

99% of people on fiverr are great but then we have people like sohag67 who spoil it and we just want to warn sellers about people taking advantage and then not paying. This is an issue that fiverr needs to sort out as I have read about things like this happening again and again.

Seems silly why we are not allowed to name them so other sellers and buyers do not suffer, but do not worry as we will be giving out the info through Facebook and twitter and press releases and articles so people do not get ripped off by this woman.

Merry xmas everyone


oh i did not know that. But we should have a list on this forum of people who spoil fiverr, we should also have a section on here ref customer services so they can respond quicker as their responce is very slow


Fiverr needs cleaning up. When you get someone taking advantage and then wanting the service for nothing, this needs to be addressed. People like this should not be allowed on fiverr.

I have read many times in the past few weeks that fiverr needs cleaning up to protect the buyer and the seller and after the experience I have had, I agree.

When I read about a buyer taking advantage I thought no that would not happen on fiverr but then I experienced it for myself, but I thought, it is xmas I will let it go and do the extra work and then they want it for nothing.

Makes me laugh that this person claims they are an SEO expert, so if this is true which I very much doubt it, then they could have done it themselves.

We have 20 people working here and we are all very angry about this.


We came on Fiverr to help small business owners. All day we work with large business owners where we charge a min of £200 per day but we wanted to give something back. Our company have seen how small business owners are struggling so we thought we would come on fiverr and help them without them paying money that they cannot afford and as a whole everyone loves what we do, it is just this one person who has taken advantage and then wanted the service for free.

Sad to hear you are leaving, what is your reason


just posted a message to you but i agree with what you have said on there, fiverr needs sorting out.


Reply to @in2town: I sympathize with you and Fiverr really needs to take this matter seriously.

However, ignorance is no excuse when it comes to the forum rules. They clearly state what you can and cannot do. Please edit you original post so that the seller’s name is no longer displayed.


Ok edited but will be making them known through our Facebook accounts and twitter and through articles and press releases. I am not prepared to let other sellers go through what we went through and not prepared for buyers to be ripped off.


I intend to, I respect all the good buyers and sellers and do not wish anyone to be ripped off by them


@n2town Support are already aware of this person regarding a separate issue so if anything untoward has gone on hopefully they will be able to help you.


Reply to @kjblynx: Yes! Outside of Fiverr, you’re on your own! :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @markp: thank you. I have contacted customer services but received no reply a yet. My team and I are very shocked over this


I thought “Buyers” had to pay for their gigs, before the “Seller” gets it…I had to for the three gigs that I bought. All’s not equal on fiverr?