Be careful of buyers who need "examples" before buying


Well guys, I guess you’ll mostly know where this is going but I wanna add something else.

I had an experience in which the buyer asked for an example of how his logo would look like, I proceeded to deliver a sample overloaded with stuff that wouldn’t make it ok to be used as it was so he had to buy my gig to get the actual thing. The thing is, when this kind of buyers buy the gig we automatically believe we are safe and the gig will be paid… well, that wasn’t my case at least. Right after buying my gig the client complained about the sample logo I provided saying it was “too simple”. Delivered a new version… too simple, still try to make some adjustments… too simple again. Then I realized the guy really just wanted to get me tired and I decide to mutually cancel the request.

So, be careful about people needing examples before buying the gig. Why? Simply because of what is to come, if someone feels as free as to ask for free work before paying just imagine how the process with that client will be.

If you think about it you can pretty much bug any designer by rejecting the work by saying it’s “too simple”, no one like being told so and obviously we try to deliver our best afterwards.

Sometimes it’s better to lose one request which could have been hell than increasing our cancellation rate for something that isn’t even gonna make us any profit and will cost as twice the work.


The “too simple” problem usually resolves when you guide your client a bit, make them realize that a strong logo is supposed to be simple.


Never work before getting paid. You can show him logos you’ve done for other people. I have a word document full of my favorite brand names, these I share with clients who want examples. However, don’t become a consultant, don’t start giving advice and options before getting paid.


I am in a similar scenario where I had an individual load me down with questions before a cheap order and did not make their instructions clear and is asking me to add in things that they never asked for. I should have known and mutually cancelled the order. I have a feeling I will get a low mark from this one because I was not happy about working on something and then once I turn it in they want something else entirely.

We don’t make that much off of Fiverr so it actually hurts when people do this. I take it personally because I feel like they should look at the $4 we actually make and see the value in it.