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Be careful of people trying to get free work from you!

This is my experience so I’m not sure if it has happened or will happen to you. There was a user who messaged me asking for a voice over of his 250 word script, he then sent me a cartoon and said that’s what he wanted me to voice and asked for a demo (he sent the script) before he placed his order. I sent the demo and he replied saying it sounded exactly like what he wanted then he never ordered and responded after that. When I checked my messages later I saw “__ can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.”. It seems as if he is going around getting people to send “demos” by pretending that his script is longer so he gets work for free. Please be careful!

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It is typical for these little devilish :smiling_imp: buyers to crop up to steal work from new sellers. When Fiverr discovers them they get banned! But they are very sneaky :male_detective: :female_detective: and make new accounts and carry on their naughtiness!


Fiverr 101. Never do work for free. :x: As a VO artist myself, I get messages asking to record a demo script for their client. What they do is they slice the script using different VO artists to get FREE work. I just don’t have time to sit in the studio. Making free demos for people asking for them every day. It takes away from ‘actual’ paying client’s time. You can send them a demo MP3 or demo link that’s approved on Fiverr.

If that’s not enough. You can offer to record a small demo for $5 or something. I’ve had people purchase a custom demo (lower quality) to determine if we’re a good fit or not. These people respected my :watch: time and were not looking for freebies. If you offer this option, either they will accept or gone with the wind. :wind_face:


Wow, thanks for the heads up!


Yes, never give away work for free. While it might seem like a good marketing technique to show your talent there are people who will take advantage of it. I would do like Nikavoice said, record a standard demo for anyone who asks for one or offer a shorter custom order for $5 so they can try it out. At least you won’t be ripped off. I do this and I tell them upfront that these are my published works so they know ahead of time they can’t use them for anything.

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Demo is code for scam.

Even if it wasn’t, that’s time you aren’t compensated for and it’s not necessary.