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Be Careful of the Guy Sending out Trojans


Just a heads up. A new user with the word ****** in their username is sending out Trojan carrying .scr files

They will basically ask you to to take receipt of a bitcoin wallet private key. Also, there will be no country data on their profile:


Do not be an idiot and assume that someone is accidentally giving you the keys to their crypto millions, Downloading the above file will likely only result in your PC being infected with some groovy new ransomware.


Thanks for the heads up. :+1:


Hm. Maybe Fiverr tech team should work on a way to keep people from “Anonymous Proxy” from using the site.


Thank you so much @cyaxrex


How does someone get no country listed on their profile?


Sneaky haxer stuff? Beats me.


@misscrystal There is a paid VPN service named as hidemyass which helps the people to show the location of their choice or no location at all.