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Be Careful of Who You Help

Hello there!

So, typically I am not the rant type, but this does irk my nerves. I have over 100 positive reviews and always am getting approached more than what I do for buyers’ request daily. However, I will say to y’all this advice- be careful of who you help.

Most of the clients I have helped have been polite, direct and always have paid me. However, this past week, this is the second time I have been jipped. I am understanding of people who have been screwed over- I have had to cancel on some people myself. However, I tried to help someone out, since they were treated poorly and worked on their gig.

I put in the order, and the client never once put in their information, so I nudged. They told me the due date, so I gave them a copy so they weren’t late. It’s now been two days, without the requirements filled in. This honestly pisses me off, after they gave me a sob story and then used me as someone did them.

Please, both buyers and sellers, remember that you cannot trust everyone. Usually, I am very diligent, require all the information needed before I make the gig and then do it. In this case, I tried to give an exception, but I will no longer do this for people. I just believe that everyone here is deserving of their payments, and buyers are deserving of high quality work.

thanks for sharing your nice view with us.

Thanks for this reminder, I think we all may have had similar experiences in the past :frowning:

For your “promote-you-on-twitter” Gig, why does Twitter see @Mick_eye_ee_luh as more than 33% Fake? :smiley:

As a new and unknowledgeable buyer I may have made this same mistake. I placed an order and got this.
(Note: give me brief information about the product or business you want me to wright on.)
So I entered brief information in the text box, but I did not send the whole product description that I wanted edited.
I was waiting on the seller to give me the go ahead and the seller was waiting on me.
The instructions were confusing which almost made the seller late.
You don’t have to be stupid to be confused about how to navigate this site.

I learned that the hard way. I typically will NOT send the finished product over until the client has paid in full. It’s frustrating that I have to do it that way. Still, I’d give them more than two days. People have lives, they get distracted, and crap happens. Nevertheless, I do agree — we should all be careful, buyers and sellers alike.

Pretty sure when I was audited, my real was completely maxed out. Lol. That’s truly me.

@sarahuffman Never ever send something before a buyer pays. Buyers need to place any order and pay into fiverr. Just like anywhere else, there are good and bad. You have talent, don’t let anyone play around with you.

This will happen mostly with new buyers. Sometimes the system confuse them. Asked them to submit the instructions. You can NUDGE them through the order page and send them messages to inbox. Let them know that order will not get active till they submit the instructions.

Sometimes, we discuss everything through messages and we send them a custom offer or buyer will pace an order. Both know that required information is there to star the project. But the buyer has to enter at least a word to get the order started.

Till the order get started do not send them anything.