Be careful people, some guy is copying our gigs, check your name


Hi Everyone, I just went to check my name on Fiverr and it came up with a couple of extra gigs under my name so I went to them and some guy has copied, word for word, my gig and is even using my picture. He just joined about an hour ago and he has at least 10 gigs under his name. I have reported him to customer support but I am just letting everyone know to go check themselves by name and see what comes up. I have also sent him messages telling him to remove them immediately. I went back and checked a second time and he has 2 of my gigs under his name now. Jerk! I told him exactly what I thought of him and that is not the kind of people we want or need here on Fiverr. Hopefully Customer Support finds him and deals with him accordingly.


@Oranjegirl and myself have had so many people copy our successful gigs over the years.

Some times they offer a service they can’t even provide, which is odd. Like our Video Spokesperson gig.

They all end up getting banned.


Yeah I remember getting my gig copied once :wink:


I think there is a major difference from offering the same service to taking your picture and offering you as an actor without your permission.


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Presumably the copycat has some sort of remote mind-control device that allows him to control your voice and actions? :wink: And maybe also sends subliminal messages into your head: "Send me all your money! Send me all your money!"

I need to invent one of those…

Kidding aside, I’ve read of people copying gigs such as what you describe: products or services that they cannot possibly actually provide! And once a member found one of her gigs along those lines on someone else’s account and decided to order it, just to see how the thief would respond. (The copycat cancelled the order). When confronted, the thief tried to justify her actions by saying that the victim already had lots of sales and could afford to lose a few (!!!), but of course the thief was still not benefiting in any way since she couldn’t possibly fill any orders! Obviously, people like that have very faulty logic when they copy gigs like that~


I’ve got four sellers - 2 claiming to be from the US that have copied a good part of my popular gig. And, I’ve had a ticket open with CS for three days now with no communication on their part about the issue.

I’m getting to believe they want to keep these people on here. It’s ridiculous. They’ve not only copied my gig description, but my gig title too… all in an effort to trick buyers.



Oh I know… but I’m not even getting a response now… used to be I could keep tabs on these thieves myself BUT not now… and CS is taking too long to respond. New ones are popping up since the initial ticket, really aggravating… to be honest.


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: why would they do that? seems crazy.


Reply to @emeraldawnn: do you know if it says anything in fiverr’s terms about who owns the text you add to your gig description?