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Be Careful - Received a Message with a link to a Fake Fiverr Homepage

Hi everyone!

I wanted to give a heads up that there is a fake Fiverr homepage being messaged to sellers! Please be cautious when receiving unusual messages. I reported this message and encourage others to do the same if they receive one.

I received a message today from user “writer79” and the message said “we have some image. need 500-700 words article about the image. its very urgent work. please tell me whats your rate and work time ? go and see a image”. There was a link included in the message, and after I clicked on it, I was shown a fake Fiverr homepage that asked me to log into my account.

Be careful with your account information, you don’t want to lose your hard earned dollars! :slight_smile:


Reply to @kjblynx: I had no idea this was a common occurrence as this was my first time receiving a message like this. Thank you for letting us know that the link can also be attached to an external file. Looks like they’re keeping us on our toes! :slight_smile:

Received it too, and reported it. Have you contacted Customer Support about it?