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Be Careful Sellers! There`s Virus zip file


Hi all,

I got an message from a buyer, He said that all the details are on the zip file and let him know that all details are clear. and also he send me a password for that zip file,
I download the zip file and open it and there was a something like setup and the file format was .scry so there was no note file or word document. I think its a something that track my pc. I didnt extract it. I told him about the file and hes not replied me.

This was the second time I got something like this. and the zip file was same.

Please see the screen shots below.


If you see something like this please be careful.


Thank you for the heads-up.

BTW, I get the feeling if I get a message like this I won’t bother
opening the file simply because of the way he’s “talking” to me…:thinking:


That’s so creepy, the way he keeps saying “the attachment” in his message he’s clearly way too hyper-focused on the file D:

Did you report the account?


The thing with the protected archives is old. The reason for that is that because of the encryption, you cannot simply scan the archive and see if it has any virus. NEVER open archives that are password protected, period! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the heads-up!


Thank you very much for letting us know. And please report this profile.


Thanks for this insightful information


thanks, for sharing. And report this profile.


Thank you for caution us. Have a safe journey for all!


thanks for sharing this


Thanks for the information


Yes I reported him. This was the first time


Thanks for advice. You should report this to fiverr with the evidence


thnx for the message… …


Thanks for your information.


Thanks for the Information


thanks for sharing :slight_smile: