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BE careful some hackers on fiverr

today i want to share my experience with one guy who is trying hack my paypal account
so hop new seller read it carefully

his name is ********

how this guy try to hack my paypal account ?

1.i am new seller so i am checking buyer request section in and this guy created offer for tshirts design so simply i send him request after that this guy send me message like this

"Jones here !
Available for project with following criteria
12 t-shirts to be design for each tshirt we offer $15 !
Project need to be done in 15 days ! "

so i am happy that order comes with 12 tshirts design and each tshirt price is 15$ so i am happy so i send him message

me:thank you for order sir

then he sent me message like this

"The main term is our sample or data we provide to you is much private for us we can not upload it on fiverr and on internet , that why we deal with our client with team viewer to share our data privately ! Beside of it work as you want !
If available let us know
Thanks ! "

so i simply download team viewer i am new seller i want work so i downloaded and i send him message give me your code for connect in team viewer .

then this guy tells me you give me your team viewer id and pass so i gave him my team viewer id and pass.

then we both got connected and he can control my computer too.

then he ask me my paypal email id for give me payment of order so i gave it.

then after this guy ask me some security code i am new so i dont know where code receives then this guy tells me code is in your mobille.

so i checked my mobile and their paypal sends me security code that code expire in 5 mints so suddenly i know whats going on. then i tell that guy are you trying to hack my account he says no .

then simply i removed team viewer

so thats my story

how this guys try to hack my paypal account?

1.he will ask paypal id
2.he will click on forgot password
3.we recive code in mobile
4.this guy ask for that code for giving reason that for payment this code required
5.thats it if you give code he will try to transfer money maybe changes passwords too

please dont do business outside fiverr. only do in fiverr.

and fiverr please dont ban my account i dont know this rule because i am newbie but now i will never do that . sorry for that.

new seller be careful . hop this will helpful.

and fiverr please block that guy account .

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Okay. I lost count of how many times your “buyer” gave you red flags. First of all, why would he want to contact outside of fiverr just for T-Shirt design? and you went with it.

Good for you, nothing bad happened.

he tells me that “The main term is our sample or data we provide to you is much private for us we can not upload it on fiverr and on internet , that why we deal with our client with team viewer to share our data privately ! Beside of it work as you want !

yeah bro nothing happen

It must be really, really, really easy to hack and scam on the internet is my conclusion. So many marks, so little time.

yeah its too easy
new seller have to careful

Everyone should be careful. Everyone should also read Fiverr’s Terms of Service and follow the rules; offering or accepting contact outside of Fiverr is strictly forbidden.

yeah thats good thing never do business outside

It’s amazing how many people run with their eyes wide open into these kind of traps.
I don’t even save the password for my bank and Paypal on my own computer.

thanks for that i will do same on my laptop

On the subject of teamviewer’s security in itself… It was recently hacked about a month or 2 ago… it was widespread and tons of people posted about it on reddit. I can vouch for the fact that it happened because I walked in on seeing my computer being controlled remotely. Their password server or whatever got hacked so those people who had unattended access setup in team viewer were open targets. I had to make some calls to get some Xbox subs and Apple I-Tunes orders reversed to say the least…

You are lucky that Fiverr didn’t block you for accepting contact outside Fiverr which is also against Fiverr’s Terms of Service.
Bottom line, you should always remind such clients that doing business outside Fiverr is forbidden, and if they persist, you should report them at once to avoid stories.

thanks for the tip and heads up…thanks bro God bless

Yes, that is one of the pillars of Fiver’s TOS and he broke it and then shared a post about it on a Fiverr forum. (facepalm)

His answer should’ve been “I’m sorry I can’t contact you outside of Fiverr”.

You really lucky fiverr didn’t block your account after all. There’s transparency when you deal on fiverr. Anything outside is at your own risk. I hope new sellers take note of this.

thank you i dont know so

i know that thats why i am posting here so other seller dont do that

i am newbie sir so i dont know that time what to do . but now i know its too dangerous

i think i have to read Fiverr’s Terms of thats better for me

Team Viewer? Man that guy’s on a totally new level of scamming LMAO
But yeah I’m sorry about that

i also shocked when i know this things happen to me but thank god nothing bad happened