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Be Careful Using FIVERR


I would be very careful using FIVERR. When a company has little or no contact email or phone, there is something major to worry about. I submitted an complaint regarding a logo designer who did not deliver after payment. He marked the order as delivering several logos. I would think the FIVERR website would have an electronic record. I have not heard back from support. I will spread the word, especially at the business administration in Florida, where FIVERR was recommended. Again, a company with little or no direct contact, more than likely, it’s a scam.


You’re the expert, go for it.


Just because you have not received the kind of immediate response from Customer Support that you demand, does not make Fiverr a scam. Be patient. CS handles a lot of communication every day. They will respond to your demands as soon as they are able.


Google have no direct contact number for support. maybe you shouldn’t use them either. Neither do Yahoo or Bing so that’s no good either. Maybe its a good idea not to use the internet.


Though anyone willing to type 3 words in to any of the above will find a direct phone number to fiverrs hq.


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yea ok! Do you work for them or something?! I’ve NEVER been able to contact them & they OWE ME MONEY!!!


I’ve been playing cat & mouse with this company for months…& to this day, I STILL haven’t received either my paid for order OR a refund! SCAMMERS!!!


Nope i just typed in fiverr international limited in google and found the phone number to the main office in Tel Aviv on the first result page.

Opening support tickets have usually worked for me when i had an issue, though sometimes i have had to wait a long time for a response.


If you don’t like what the seller did, you can click resolution center and demand a refund. If he refuses your request, you can contact customer service.

And no, it’s not a scam, for many is a hobby and for some a full-time job. There’s no scam here. Here’s an idea, visit the Fiverr Academy and learn to use Fiverr.


To the OP be careful when throwing the word “scam” around especially infront of your associates because its a popular word used by many out of frustration, anger and ignorance. It could very well make one look foolish and naieve in the eyes of their enlightened peers and respectability could be lost. In most cases once respectability is lost it is extremely hard to obtain back.

Make sure you’ve gotten your facts straight and explored all of your avenues to the resolution of a conflict before resorting to using that word to describe anyone or anything.


It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to complete transactions between you and your chosen seller. Completed orders and/or refunds are an agreement between you and the seller, not Fiverr. Fiverr will only step in if there is a legitimate reason for them to interfere in the processing or forced refund of an order.

Don’t blame Fiverr for your transaction issues.




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Well said.


I’d give you multiple thumbs up if I could.


Are you sure you understand what Fiverr is? Fiverr never offered to sell you anything. The specific seller did. If any scam exists, it was from that seller and not from the Fiverr web site itself.

You and the OP both might want to consider with whom you actually contracted … of course, that’s assuming you and the OP are actually different people in the first place.

If you were scammed, Fiverr customer support might be able to help you resolve the problem. You shouldn’t go in attacking and accusing, though. They’re not the ones who (possibly) scammed you, and shouldn’t be blamed just as you’re seeking their help.


How much do you pay for and what products you buy?

Purchase basically you pay money, you got the goods.

The price is directly proportional to the quality of work


After experiencing a major issue with my purchases on Fiverr and through my communication with customer service, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in Fiverr and the two illustrators that I worked with. I WILL NOT be using or recommending Fiverr to anyone in the future! No one knows what I went through the last four months so please reframe from responding to what you know nothing about. This is MY experience!


. I have not heard back from support. I will spread the word, especially at the business administration in Florida, where FIVERR was recommended

Did you issue a threat when you contacted customer support? If so you may have a long wait for a response.
What is the business administration in Florida? Business administration of what? The state?

I assure you that fiverr is not a scam site. There are individual sellers here. Fiverr has lots of customers they have to respond to and does a great job of it through this link:
customer support. However they do not respond to threats usually, or put those at the bottom of the stack when it comes to answering.