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Be careful when paying for gigs

When paying for someone to help you gain followers and likes, be very careful. You will see your numbers go up, and you’d think ‘hey, that was pretty good’, but if you pay attention over the course of a few days you will see that your numbers will slowly plummet. The numbers will go down in such a fashion that you won’t notice right away, then, when you do your math and calculations… you notice that you have 100 followers before you paid for a gig to gain you more likes/follows, then after you pad, you had maybe 200. but in the days following, you will notice 198, 193, 190 for example (that’s if you’re vigilant. many people won’t notice until weeks later, when they realize their numbers went from 200 and suddenly they only only have 150 followers/likes.

So, be careful when paying for this type of gig. At the end of the day, it might not even be worth it


Thank you so much i was about to do that


These are not wise things to do anyway. Fake followers do more damage than good as not only can Google (or whoever’s bots you want to spam) tell, but any experienced person can as well.

I go right off singers who contact me saying how many thousands of followers they have. When I look, not one single comment or sign of interaction (past their Mum). This tells me to avoid that person as not only do they not have a following but worse, they aren’t trying to get a real one, just fakery.

Someone who fakes in one place, will fake in another, like paying their bills or in where it really matters like singing the song properly.

Bottom line, don’t do it as scams are going to bite you harder than you think you bit life.



It’s not allowed to buy likes and followers, nor is it allowed to sell them. Sellers who offer that service are breaking the rules, so of course they’re not exactly trustworthy.

Better yet, don’t buy forbidden services at all.


Well I didn’t see it as a scam and that never dawned on me. I thought I was paying for promotion which included the likes/follows as an extra benefit. I won’t be doing it again

Social media don’t allow buying of likes/follows, whether directly or “as an extra benefit”. You could lose your social media accounts if you get caught.

I understand seeing lots of fools tell you it is da reel thang but there is only one way to promo, get real people interested in real ways.

If I told you: I have some solid-gold ice-cream that will guarantee that insert hot person will marry you and give you bestest life ever, would you believe me? Hopefully not, even if I provided proof (acted out by the lady next door for $10). That is flummery. No real followers are generated. Or if they are, they are looking to skin me in a few days when George Clooney walks right by em on the street. Not winning.

If I gave you the opportunity to hear my latest record…

…and you liked it, bought a copy, asked to be on my mailing list for the next one, told your peeps… I have created a real relationship with you. Winning.

I admit the latter is much harder in this day & age when so many seem to prefer being lied to but this is the only way real grass-roots marketing gets done.

Hiring a marketing co. is really just scaling that so with enough product-recognition or fame I can start putting pictures of my new album cover on the side of busses and having people I couldn’t otherwise “touch” personally decide they better stop off at the record store on the way home.

You can’t short-circuit it with bought followers and hope it will last past a day or so before it explodes.


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yes, you are right . We must prevent ourselves from buying such kind of likes and follows. Besides, it undermines our confidence in ourselves.So, let’s think over it and keep us away.