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Be careful with FAKE Buyers

Be careful with some buyers. He ask for doing something within few hours, and may be he’ll offer more money than you ask. When we delivered on time he is lying, telling like “you did not deliver on time”.

This is the buyer:

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Fiverr will do nothing against that kind of buers. As you see, in the name of ToS rulles, the name of buyer is “protected”…

i also face the same problem a buyer bought from me. i deliver on time then she told i am unsatisfied and cancel it. i sold that report to more then 100 of customer and all are satisfied yet. but i think she want work free… fiverr must have to take action against such buyer people easily get free work from fiverr really problem for seller.

But you should not take a gig from someone who tries to offer you more money. If your gig has a ‘gig extra’ for ‘one day delivery’, they should just buy that. But if they are contacting you ahead of time to try to offer you more money that does not seem right.

Hey my friend also face the same problem a buyer bought from her, too. This buyer canceled the order and now her gig have to thumb down to 85%, it’s the big trouble. So can we report the buyers like as this to fiverrs support center?

@whitehatseo10: Yes Fiverr do nothing, also Customer Support doesn’t give reasonable answers for these kind of issues.

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@mallika255: Yes. I have faced these kind issues for several times.

Reply to @whitehatseo10: in this forum both sellers and buyers names are protected :slight_smile:

Reply to @sincere18: u got it

that’s too bad…

Reply to @mallika255: in your case, do you report her with fiverr support center, it’s working to get back your rating? Because my friend also face the same problem a buyer bought from her, too. This buyer canceled the order, even rating 1* for her and now her gig have to thumb down to 85%, it’s the big trouble :-?

i also have face the same problem

and i know most are face same problem fiverr do nothing seller side

there is no seller protection when buyer requst refund they refund without asking or finding reasonable thing :frowning:

Hi guys (@drribroshan, @whitehatseo10, @mallika255)!

I’ve been in a similar situation before, as have many of us unfortunately. Here’s my tip - and I really believe in this - go with your gut. If a prospective customer is beginning to seem demanding even BEFORE you have done work for him/her, or offering to pay more if you meet some tough time limit, etc., this almost never bodes well. Behavior like this is a sign that the buyer does not have respect for you and may later take advantage of you.

You’re correct that it may be tough to get Fiverr to side with you once you’ve delivered an order, because this type of marketplace tends to favor the customer. But if you find yourself noticing ANY of the clues that I mentioned above, do yourself a favor and politely decline to accept the order. It is far better to cancel than to go ahead with the order and then deal with the potentially wasted grief.

Feel free to reach out to me for advice, any time!


Reply to @smartgroupvn:

When you contact to support they will told you to contact with buyer. if you is fake means want to work free no one can do anythng. its better to cancel.

Fiverr have to take action against such scam.

i agree, declining beforehand can be a better option. Even though most people do not like to turn down money, but it’s better to work with good clients.

Another thing to do is when someone is unsatisified, try to go back over all the emails and really think about it from their perspective and 1) try to understand why they might give it a bad review, and how you can do better and 2) there is always going to be someone that doesn’t like something.

Depending on the kind of gig being sold, especially if it’s a creative one, not everyone knows how to communicate what exactly it is they want, so sometimes they see the result and they don’t like it, but it’s not necessarily because the work itself is not good, but it’s not what they imagined, which they didn’t communicate effectively to begin with.

Reply to @mallika255: my friend tell me although she had dealt with her customer that the artwork will be send in the next 4 days, but just next 3 days this client cancelled the artwork with reason my friend don’t deliver on time, Fiverr has subtracted 10% rating of her for this, and after, when this client have 2 artworks with the base price, although fixed price for all of them is expensive than, this client rating for her 1* and thumb down rating to 5%. Well, I starting scare with other clients like that =_=

Reply to @smartgroupvn: what was the number of days on your friends gig to begin with? What date was the order places, how many days does your friends gig say it will take and how many days after the client places the order did your friend say it will be delivered in 4 days?

Reply to @sincere18: Well, when she open her sales manager to me, I saw the order had placed at evening 14/2, in 15/2 she replied and 16/2 this client just gave her some informations to start the order. However, this client had ordered 2 gigs, 1 gig need 5 days to finish (watercolor) and 1 gig need 3 days to finish (chibi). Although my friend told her " the artwork will be send in next 4 days" (16/2 my friend replied, and her mean is all artwork will be deliver in 20/2 ) but in 18/2 this client ask to finish the artwork of the chibi gig, and then, although my friend explain to this client is she had told about the deadline in the previous message, this client still cancelled the order.

Awn, I hope you can understand my bad English @_@

Reply to @smartgroupvn: I can kind of understand your English, but I am wondering how well-written your friends messages are between her and her buyer.

My question is, if the buyer ordered 2 different gigs, and one gig says it takes 3 days, and 1 gig says it takes 5 days, if the buyer orders the gig on Feb. 14, then the 3 day gig should be delivered on the 17th.

Even if they don’t give you what is needed to start until the 16th, this may be where the problem is. Buyers may think it is 3 days from the date of the order, so in this case your friend did not deliver in the time the gig says. Your friend it sounds like started the clock ticking when they buyer gave them the details to make the order.

Another question I would have is what country is your friend in, and what country/time zone is the buyer in?

I think another confusing thing is your friend only said “it will be send in the next 4 days” instead of saying a date.

I am just looking at many different ways of interpreting what may have happened. I do not know for sure, these were just some thoughts that came to me and questions that came up when you explained it.

actually I miscalculated…it’s late…but if an order was placed on FEb. 14th and it was only a 3 day order, then it should be delivered by the 16th. Feb. 14, 15, 16 = 3 days.