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Be careful with some dangerous Buyers and Hackers!

Hi there, today, I want to share with you some information tips I recomend to all of you about some Hackers and Dangerous Buyers. On the past months, I´ve encountered some potential hackers on fiverr. I´m doing this because I´ve watch this topic My Account just got HACKED and I find usefull to share with you this.

First of all let´s take a look at this screenshoot

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The Modus Operandi of those Hackers, are the same. They use the same preset of message:

You´re good, I need X, Can you?" "I need X, can you do it? Watch de Details on the document “-Send me a message on this email”

They ask you to download a document, with scripts and malware inside which hacks information about you or launch some actions inside Fiverr. Like this user, Who get Hacked some minutes ago. There´re even scammers on Fiver, like the second one. Do not even try to have contact with them outside, because it´s against the rules!.

How to Avoid This?

  1. Report the buyer immediately. Fill the report with all the information you could collect.
  2. Contact CS, send images, screenshots.
  3. Be sure your Antivirus is updated.
  4. If you´re not using antimalware, this could be a good chance to download one.
  5. Be sure you´re using a updated version of Microsoft Office or Open Office. They Will tell you if the document has strange scripts of not.
  6. Do not Open external Links.
    Never Open downloaded Attachments by clicking on your browser´s download bar.
  7. If you open the document by accident, Do not click any suspicious box or link, close the document, delete it and search for viruses!
  8. Do not try to have contact with user outside

I hope it could help! Let´s clean Fiverr of those Hackers!


also never open downloaded attachments by clicking on your browser’s download bar.


Thanks! I´m going to add this to the main post!


Great advice Thanks

I always say I will not open external links as its against fiverrs rules, That usually prevents it but shocking to know that people are actually doing this to hack accounts.

Thank goodness we all look out for each other here!

Tarnia x


Yes, you´re right! I´m going to add that too! And yes, it´s really shocking. The first time I experienced this, I really freaked out! and get so scared about this.


Guys… I think I may have recently been scammed by a very prince (or some royalty) from Nigeria :frowning:

Be sure not to give your SSN #, bank logins, etc… I had to give him all my info to release the transfer of $50,000,000 onto my pre-paid debit card.

Pro-tip If you don’t know what it is, who sent it, where it came from, or what it does… you probably shouldn’t open/run it on your computer.

Sarcasm is a blessing!! :moneybag: :moneybag:

Seriously though, I hope everyone has a fantastic day & remains hack-free!


thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:



Recently, I made a post about it.

Absolutely agree: Having a good Antivirus + Antimalware is a must. I use Eset SS and Malwarebytes Free version.


Malwarebytes is absoluty a MUST HAVE. Besides, I think it would be a nice idea require to the buyers, pdf files of the requirements, scripts, ideas, and etc.


People…just buy an antivirus…it’s not that big a deal. I’ve gotten like 3 people that tried to send me a trojan on Fiverr and in all honesty, an antivirus really helps.

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