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Be careful with some Top Fiverr Buyers asking for guarantees

I hope this case of mine will help you avoid waisting your time&money.
One of my gig extras says that I will translate 500 words in 3 hours when I am online.
However, I always guarantee quality work and refund Buyers if they are unsatisfied.
Recently I got a Buyer asking me to translate 3000 (!) words for $50+ in 3 hours and guarantee refunding them if they are unsatisfied.
We spent 30 minutes discussing this “urgent” order until it started to seem like a scam.
It is a nice strategy for Buyers to get a refund but it should be turned down.
What do you think? Did anyone have such Buyers?

I would have said no and reported them. At least this particular buyer was transparently discussing his douchiness with you before placing an order, so that’s nice of him.

Thank you for your feedback!