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[Be careful] Your account may be hacked!


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Thank you @smmahadi. Not all heroes wear capes, you saved someone account


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Everyone should be careful. Thanks a lot…


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Really it’s a good information to share with us. I’ve already faced with spamer in fiverr. But i can’t even reply them as well.


Thank you. Also make sure to not open any kind of documents sent by the buyer on their first message. it is usually a scam/phising attempt. Maybe a keylogger will be in one of the files.
In any case, make sure to check the profile of the buyer first


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Thank you for sharing this experience with us,
For all: always check the domain of site you will log in, ensure that is right.
this fishing trap is popular not just in Fiverr but in every where, so be careful.


I thought phishing was already dead. I didn’t believe there were still people who believe you can show someone photos when logged in Gmail. It doesn’t work like that. You can send an email, but Gmail’s not Dropbox, lol.


Thank you so much for sharing with us!