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Be Careful!

Hello Everyone!

My only reason to share this with all of you is to warn you from hackers.
I received a suspicious message that states that the guy(sender) is the Head of FIVERR RISK MANAGEMENT TEAM. and that they have noticed some suspicious activity from my account.So they send me a link to verify my details.So if I had clicked that link my account would have been hacked.So I warn all of you to please do not click any link they send.

I contacted Fiverr CS and they have confirmed that this message was not sent by any of their employee.Its totally fake and its only aim is to get the details f your login or to hack it and steal your money.
So if any one of you receives this message please do not click the link and just report the message.
Attached is the screenshot of the message I received.

Thanks & stay Blessed!


Thanks for informing. I have been attacked by such hackers recently and hacker succeeded in getting my login details and result was blockage of my account and my funds were transferred to his account. :confused:

Ohh thats sad.
Please be careful in the future.

thats why I decided to share this because I dont want anyone to loose their money in this way.

Yes, Now I am more careful than before and know such links.

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Thanks for sharing this.

Thank you. very help.

If I’m not mistaken, the head of Risk Management for Fiverr is a woman, not a man. There’s a lot of bad things going on even though there is “Risk Management”.

Thanks for the heads up. God bless much.

Thanks for sharing. I lost $60 last year. My account was hacked as well. Had to verify all details to fiverr for getting all those back.
So I urge you all to contact fiverr before rush into insert your private details to any suspicious page.
Happy working.


we all should help eachother.

yes, Fiverr CS have confirmed that this was not sent by any of their employee.

Did you get back your money or your account?


Thank you for sharing. Really important information.


Wow! You’ve actually saved lots of people… Thanks for sharing
I wonder why people go around stealing someone’s hard earned money smh…!

thanks so much for sharing

because they dont want to work hard, just taking the wrong way.

just helping people.