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Be carefull! Scam UX app

Hi There!
Today i had and awefull expierence.
A client that seemed on hurry,asked for a test project,a few screens for a mobile app.
Pretty standard allready made components and branded,he needed me to make 2 new screens using that,straight forward not a problem.
Beside the fact that he was cheap and in a hurry,when i delivered the files a few hours after the offer he inmediatly ask for a cancellation,i asked the reason and he couldnt explain,then i saw that he has bad rating because he does that.
So im just here to tell my expierence and recommend everyone not to take his offers.
I had never had an order cancelled ,and i have a great rating,just to give you some context.


But did he placed an order? Did you reported him?

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yes he did place an order!,i did report him.

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Hmm… I see two red flags here: he asked for something cheap and also wanted it immediately. Most buyers will respect your delivery time, or pay you for a quick delivery, if they don’t, they’re likely a scammer.

Also, check the buyer reputation right away when he messages you! If you say that he already had bad reviews, why working with him?

Hi! .
The deal was the first screens would be cheap in order to get the entire project.
I did not see the reputantion until i submited the screens.
As i Said before,i had never had a bad experience until now.
Now i can clearly see that he was a scammer.The ones that ask for screens to each seller and then have the work done for free

Buy the first bit cheap as a lead to the real project is just such common scammer lure.

Gimme a great price on this one car and I will come back and buy a whole fleet of of em was a great way to get thrown out of the showroom when I sold cars. If being polite I would ask, and how many cars in your fleet right now? How many will you be buying right now? How many next week? Can I see the business website so I can make a great presentation for you to my boss. Person would evaporate or get narky, in which case I treated them with the respect they deserved: see the door…

Sorry you got caught but i think you have to chalk this up to learning. talk to CS by all means but I bet you have things in your gig like endless revisions, buyer satisfaction etc or a vague Requirements Form that leave you open to this cancellation that this scammer has used to play their scuzzy game.


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