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Be caution of ******** seller scam!

well, it is too bad for a new user like me to encounter with 2 ******** seller scam within 2 days. I order a bulk mailing service and for sure my own seeds were inside. I set the spam block of those seeds to lowest level simply want to make sure not to miss any mail coming to me. 3 days after the seller deliver the order and I receive nothing in my seeds inbox or even spam folder. Seller refuse to provide me open and click data which they promise to give. They happly and silently vanished…

Now I tell you guys who they are and please be caution to order from them.
Seller : ********
Seller : ********

$32 won’t make people rich and trust is the utmost thing in this cyberworld.

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How about if you read the rules of the forum ?

You need a better vetting process.
If you check the seller’s profile and you see that they are using Jenna Fischer’s photo then it’s rather obvious the seller might not be honest.

If that’s not enough then stolen gig description and ridiculous pricing should be enough to turn to a different seller.

Keep reading this forum and improve your vetting process.


This is the sort of advice that more buyers need to take to heart…

It’s your money. Vet the Sellers you want to conduct business with before you spend it.

I’m not talking about OP here, but a lot of buyers complain about prices, yet they keep buying gigs that have very little value. For me even $50 is too much if I don’t get any value out of it, but I’m OK to spend 10 times more if it’s a good investment and I make that money back.

I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s an interesting take. My mom always said something like buy cheap, buy twice.

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Funny you’d mention Jenna Fischer as I always though your picture resembles John Krasinski’s Jim in the Office

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She’s right :slight_smile:

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I love The Office :stuck_out_tongue:
When I checked one of the scammers OP was referring to, I recognized Jenna from the pic right away. They don’t even bother to look up who’s on the photo. The scammer probably just Googled women photos and used the first one they found. How the scammer got over 100 reviews is beyond me. I guess more people should watch The Office :stuck_out_tongue: