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Be Chosen! Guaranteed Buyer Request Success!

Enjoy the clickbait title did you? There is no guaranteed success. Don’t be silly. If you thought there might be then you probably need to read this:

As a VID / Top Buyer I want to tell you some (maybe obvious) things you need to be doing as a Seller if you want a chance of success with Buyer Request, or in general.

Firstly, there’s lots of great posts already, search the forum!! But here’s my 2 cents…

As a Buyer:

  1. I will get 100’s of responses to my buyer requests. The chance of me picking you is tiny, really tiny, really really tiny. (Create a buyer request yourself and see!)

  2. If your response is generic (copy and paste) I will probably ignore it.

  3. If your response is written in bad english with bad grammar I will probably ignore it.

  4. If you tell me you understand my request, but don’t propose a solution I will probably ignore it.

  5. DO NOT find my profile and message me directly. This really annoys me. That is not how it’s supposed to work. I will likely mark you as spam. Plus, because I am also a seller it hits my response time, so I either have to reply, or mark you as spam.

  6. Please use my Username when you speak to me. I’ve been called Sir/Brother/Dear/Darling. You need to sound personal and professional.

  7. If I reply with a message and use a different name (in my case ‘Will’) to sign off the message you should now call me ‘Will.’

  8. Do not chase me. If I don’t reply to a message LEAVE ME ALONE. I saw your previous message. Please do not be like the seller in the screenshot! Act like a professional, not a child pestering me for a cookie. You’re better than that.



Man, or rather Mr. William

I am so grateful to you. Thank you so much, this article will be of great help to me. Thank you :grinning: :smiley: :laughing: :smile: :smile:


On the browser version the username isn’t shown by default so that’s not going to be that easy for those using a browser to type their offer. If there’s no profile picture for the buyer those using only a browser won’t be able to find it out at all.


‘Dear Sir or Madam’



Would be fine I think


Hey william,
It was indeed a great article and some really valuable tips you provided, but there’s one thing which i want to mention which really bothers me a lot…

So i am a new seller firstly, so its obvious i get way more less buyer request as compared to others.
Now i don’t have any problem with this I totally understand the concept behind this and i am absolutely ok with it. The main problem is whenever i send any offer to a BR following all the previous steps you mentioned it usually takes around 10-15 proper mins to write it all.
Now i don’t write everything from scratch it would take even more time then, i have already created a structure that i usually follow in writing a BR offer.

Now the moment i send that offer there’s already 40-50 offers received on that request, so my offer would be on number 51st, and believe me it really annoys me a lot…

Now its obvious for a normal human person its not possible to read all those offers and then come to my offer and then select me.

Once i also tried to post a fake BR just to see exactly what other people write in their offer letters and gain some tips and improve myself, but you won’t believe the amount of unprofessional sellers are here on Fiverr. Mostly people do is just copy paste telling about themselves and their achievements totally ignoring my Buyer request (tho it was fake).
I received a total of 60 offers from that buyer request and believe me my interest in reading all those offers just went away after 20 because mostly they were copy paste…

So what i gained from that experience is ‘if my offer is on the 51st number then obviously the buyer wont come there on that number to read’, most likely what he/she will do is just get annoyed with all the new sellers including me just because of this copy paste work and look for any level 1or 2 sellers from that list. The second possibility is he/she will just leave it and try to look for someone else on some other platform. Third possibility is choosing the wrong guy…

So i also have a very simple solution for this not only the problem… The solution is 'on the offer page where we are supposed to write the offer fiverr needs to integrate something like someone has to write something there simple copy paste wont work the send button would be greyed out untill you press any keystroke on your keyboard…Tho i am not a developer so dont know if this is achievable or not but believe me it will put some effect on this ongoing scenario…
Genuine sellers are really getting affected with this…



Yes, I did! :rofl:

But on the app it is. IF I ever take time to look at Buyer Requests I always check the buyer’s profile to see if I want to work with them.


Lol, I really like your personality on this market place.
Never seen such written content
Though I’m new here


That is off-topic. If you want help, you need to make your own thread in the “Improve My Gig” category. And a glance at your forum profile shows that you haven’t read the Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 nor where the threads you have made should go.


helpful post, thank you.


for you to get buyer profile and their usename, download this extensions: fiverr quick view, fiverr detailed buyer request, and fiverr+

In one word, go to chrome web store, and search for fiverr; all related extensions to fiverr will be shown, pick the one useful to you. Thank you


Does it work for buyer profiles who don’t have a profile image?
It’s possible to get the username for a request without an extension with a browser) but it’s a bit more work (where you look at the alt image text) but if Fiverr really wanted it shown in the browser they’d have added it. Really they should make it consistent with what is shown in the app. If they show it in the app they should show it in the browser too.

Really though I’m not sure it’s all that important. If it was something that buyers really wanted using I’d check the alt-text (It’s easier in Firefox I think - right clicking and saying “View image info”) and add it to offers.


well, they always work for me.


great post, Helpful for me


Very helpful post, Will. Although, I think it’s only proper to put it plainly to a seller if you are no longer interested in working with them, instead of letting them bug you like that. Some sellers have no other source of income and put their all into freelancing, you can’t expect them to easily let go of a transaction. Be open and direct.
Thank you.


Can I inclide my behance portfolio link in buyer request???


Hello, Mr. William
The post is very much grateful.


To be clear this was after me telling the seller I was at work and I would get in touch when I was ready.

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You got me there. I thought this was gonna be a spam post and you’re gonna offer a course that requires me to pay you like 1K for “priceless advice” :joy:

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wow, Thank you so much for giving us good tips


Thank you, Will. I’m enjoying your well written and wise posts.

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