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Be connected by cell phone and laptop with the same account


hey fiver users . i’m a new user on this website and i want to new if i can be connected by my celll phone and my laptop with the same account ?


yes you can. Just install the fiverr app on your phone and log in to your already existing account


but i heard fivver don’t allow to sellers to log in in different device


The Fiverr app needs a lot of work before it will be useful. Can anyone use it on 3G? I can only use it on wifi. So it really doesn’t help me. It also doesn’t tell you what time your orders are due, which is the main thing I would use it for. I usually just go to the mobile site on my phone.


And yes, you can use Fiverr on as many devices as you want, as far as I know.


Yes you can use Fiverr on mobile,laptop and other devices too at the same time.
Fiverr will not suspend your profile.


@brejay ,the fiverr app is very useful , it helps with immediate responses to messages


so no problem if i instal fiverr app on my cell phone


Well, sure, if I have wifi. Mine only works on wifi. Maybe because I’m not in the US? Does yours work on cell data?


@brejay yes it works with both Cell Data & Wifi in South Africa.Maybe you need to update your App.


Hy,fiverr app. to awesome, we can give reply to buyer at moment.


thank you for your help


different locations not different devices. If you log in from one country then leap to another country and log in fiverr will take the necessary security measures to make sure your account isn’t hacked. But if you log in from the same location using different devices that isn’t a problem


I log in with 2g, 3g, 4g and even wifi. The app isn’t limited by location, but if your internet speed is slow it might take a while for the app to display content


so you already do it ?( be connected with your cell phone and your laptop)


actually am connected to 4 devices. My phone for notifications and replying to messages and 3 computers. 1 for editing and the others for 3D animation and rendering. All of them are connected to fiverr so that I can keep track no matter on which one I will be using.


Probably. I’m glad I found this thread; it will be so nice to have full use of the app!