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Be fair!


Buyers, this is coming from the heart of an irritated and tired seller.

The following to come are solutions to frustrations i have had to deal with lately.

So as to not delay:

  1. Converse with your sellers before hand.

    Buyers, if a seller clearly states in their description to MESSAGE THEM PRIOR TO PLACING AN ORDER, Please follow the simple request. Sellers are sometimes booked up, dealing with modifications for the very picky buyers and most importantly trying to balance their daily lives. Be it another job or household. BE FAIR! and please be REASONABLE.

    If in the event you DO NOT see that request in the gig description, still send a simple request via inbox asking if they are able to take on your job and question their turnaround. DO NOT ASSUME they can, and more importantly because you need it for a deadline, inconsiderately put a 1 day rush on the order.

    I have had to deal with too many of you as the old year came into the new year. So much so my blood pressure has escalated ridiculously.

  2. If you desire a modification, send a modification request! You cannot assume that once you send an update (through the job or inbox) the seller would be able to make the changes right away. (We are after all trying to do work for other buyers not just you).( Also I dont know about other Sellers, but not all my updates come through, however modification requests i get immediately.) But you then fuss when the order is marked as complete and you didn’t get what you desired. There are certain things built into the system for a purpose, utilize them. Hint [When you request a modification, a job cannot be closed until the modified job has been submitted]

  3. If an order is closed and you did not get the chance to review and make changes, don’t blame anyone but yourself! It is your duty after the job has been submitted to ensure all is up to your satisfaction. Don’t take your dissatisfaction and carry it into the Sellers inbox demanding X,Y and Z/give a horrible review/or more so to Fiverr Support to get a refund AFTER WORK WAS SUBMITTED. Technically when an order is closed a Seller is not required to deal with your work again! IF you failed to respond in the THREE DAY time frame, it’s all on you.

    Now there are some buyers who ask nicely to make the changes, and there are sellers who would nicely comply (myself being one, hence im taken advantage of). But don’t over do the foolishness. If in the event you are going to be away, simply place a modification request and explain to the seller the situation. When you return you both can work from there.

  4. DO NOT CREATE AN ORDER FOR $5 expecting $100 worth of work. There are extras on most sellers’ page. If you desire certain perks, do the honest thing and pay for it! Do not be dishonest, then get upset when some sellers refuse to feed your dishonesty. If in the event you truly did not know, then feel free to kindly ask if the seller would be interested in providing whatever extras and PAY FOR IT!

  5. LEAVE A REVIEW! Most buyers tend to leave reviews when they are heated/upset/disappointed. Other than that, they take the work and go. the least you can do is provide the seller with a review! Despite how long you may deem the process to be, we would have taken longer working for you/patiently modifying your work. Leave your hardworking sellers a review. We’ve earned it! Don’t you say? Also do the community a favor and let them know who are the go to’s and the ones you should run far from.

    To close, every Seller is as different as is every buyer; But as we all would like to be treated fairly, when you have the opportunity to show forth kindness and fairness, PLEASE DO SO!

    In the past few days i have gotten so sick of buyers (excluding from my return buyers) That i actually contemplated quitting fiverr. Graphic Design is my passion, but my health is more important. I have held a great deal in and i really hope this does not fall on blind eyes! There are sellers out there who are really trying to make you happy. Because you have had bad experiences with the site, or more so have had a bad day, doesn’t mean good sellers deserve nor desire to feel the brunt of it.



yes i did all that clearing stuff too.

at least i know its just not me but my sellers have been very good and i feel terrible not being able to give feedback.

I have notified my sellers , theres not much more i can do


Reply to @bobbydanger: Yes. I don’t know how many users are experiencing it but I can’t leave feedback either. I tried clearing cookies, cache, history and using a different browser but mine also just times out. I haven’t reported it to CS since I knew I could just do it later, but you definitely aren’t the only one having the problem. I saw another post about it in the “bugs” forum.


im trying to leave feedback but fiverr wont let me. is anyone else having this problem? it just times out


Reply to @liquorlist: You cannot refuse an order.

A ‘mutual cancellation’ can be initiated by the seller, but this is not a refusal, as the order is already active.


Reply to @liquorlist: Not true.

If sellers don’t appear in search results, they cannot be found by prospective buyers.

The only way to appear in search results is to provide timely deliveries (hence the problem with the modification feature), have a low cancellation rate, and receive positive reviews.

If any of those three factors aren’t present, you’ll receive no orders – no matter how good your customer service and aftercare is.


Good points there, unfortunately few time happens a buyer how ask the world for just one gig, I hate those people!


Reply to @aaliachuhdary:

You should be banned for spamming!


Reply to @liquorlist: Yes, I believe I’ve seen it show up on profiles before and also Fiverr most likely factors that into your ratings / rankings. Could be wrong. :slight_smile: I know I avoid cancellations just in case though!


Reply to @liquorlist: You’re talking about communication and you are not even paying much attention to what is really being discussed. You make it seem that communication to you is ensuring YOUR point is received and received the way you want it to.

Communication is a two way street! You may be doing something wrong in your approach…Check yourself.


Reply to @liquorlist: The issue we were were discussing was point #3. You said

Please don’t accept my order and then 3 or 4 days later decide it’s too much work. If it’s too much work, be honest at the start - we will understand and go find someone who can do it.

Again, not a communication issue as much as things happen. Most sellers intentions, at least for me, are good and they want to complete ALL gigs. After all, the more gigs they complete, the more money they make, but when unforeseen circumstances happen they have to make a decision that is best for their business.

I have no problem communicating with the customer but #3 is not just about communicating…if you ordered my gig and it was due in 6 days but the two gigs I just completed before your gig keeps asking for modifications, it is going to screw up the schedule. I can say to you “hey, I’m almost done with order 2 and will be starting your gig tomorrow” but order 2 decides tomorrow he wants another mod and so does order 1. It happens and when it does, a seller has to make a business decision that he/she may not like, but the seller is going to do what is best for their business. If that happens I may have to communicate to the seller I need to cancel based on unforeseen circumstances.

And for the record, it may happen less than more but it happens enough that Fiverr should make changes so buyer and seller have more control over the deadline date.

I stand by my customer service feedback at as evidence customer service is not the issue …nor is communication…but things happen that neither the buyer or seller can control and a decision needs to be made and sometimes that decision is to cancel the gig even if the seller doesn’t want to.

Liquorlist, I wanted to give you the other side of the coin - what seller’s may face when they have to make that dreaded decision to cancel even if they don’t want to but have to for business reasons. But from your responses it seems that sellers circumstances is not in the equation of fairness.

Lastly, for some gigs this is more of an issue than others. For example if a gig is about giving 500 Facebook Likes they either do it or don’t. While other gigs are more subjective. I bet writer gigs get a lot more modification requests than most because it isn’t cut and dry. Instead, it is subjective and even if the seller did the job requested, the buyer may say “I’m not feeling it – please do this, do that and so on” and they may keep requesting modifications until they are satisfied. My point is, certain gigs may get more modification requests than others. Based on the feedback I read on the forum by writers, it seems like a tough gig. It seems like Logo Gigs also fall in this category based on forum posts.

The answer to solve this is simple – Fiverr, needs to give us control to extend the deadline and things would work out much better for both seller and buyer

Bye liquorlist. Good luck and good bye. I tried my best but, sorry, I’m cancelling my participation :slight_smile:


Reply to @liquorlist: How long ago did you send the message? (Just curious…)


Reply to @steveeyes: And my perspective as a buyer should be a seller’s primary interest right? And my perspective is that in my short time on Fiverr, I have seen a near total lack of interest on the part of sellers to communicate well. It’s a fact. If this doesn’t apply to you then don’t burden yourself with it. I’m not saying YOU are not communicative. It stands to reason that any seller on this forum communicating, is interested in communicating.

So take that out of the equation and my complaint stands firm - most of the sellers I have tried to communicate with on this web site need to be doing something else besides selling on Fiverr if they aren’t going to make some attempt to keep their paying customers in the loop.

What I am asking is not unreasonable. All this other jazz is just noise.


Reply to @jdadvertising: If you continue to suffer the idiots I guess you get what you attract. Don’t mean to sound mean, but if you don’t take care of the problem, no one is going to do it for you.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Not true. I have had two orders refused already. In the past month. And they weren’t unreasonable orders at all.


These are all good points, but much of it does not address my main issue of communication - sellers: when I send you an email asking questions, please respond. My experience so far has been pretty dismal.


Reply to @steveeyes: I’d say worry less about your level and more about customer service and communication. If you do that, in the long run, you will definitely be ahead.


Reply to @fonthaunt: Like anywhere on the web it’s easy to spot the idiots who leave bogus reviews. Worry less about that and more about customer service and communication and you will be better off over the long haul. Trust me.


Reply to @jdadvertising: I prefer a mutual cancellation over a bad rating too, but the buyer doesn’t have to accept a mutual cancellation request. If they refuse, you will get stuck with a force cancel (bad), a bad review, or both.


Reply to @jdadvertising: Tried that…been here on fiverr since 2010 and there isn’t too much I haven’t tired. You may find this hard to believe, but things are better for sellers today than it use to be. At one time any cancelltion could destroy your fiverr level. Even if the cancellation was initiated by the buyer, it still counted against the seller. I lost my level 2 twice because of that. But Fiverr changed it so now mutual cancellations is not held against the seller’s level. You have great ideas, so keep doing what works for you. I think every gig has a different twist and what may work for some gigs may not work for others. But believe me, I have told buyers after 2 or 3 mods this is the last one, but that didn’t stop them from asking for more. And i do cancel gigs when a buyer becomes super unreasonable but after investing hours in a gig, my hope is I get paid for the hours invested.

Anyways, good points. Wish you luck.