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Be honest , are my gigs bad and what sticks out as bad

as the creator of my art i often feel its alot better then it really is (i’m sure i’m not the only one) . it always helps , to get a outside opinion of whats wrong with my art or what catches the eye of the buyer most when they see my post. if a few of you nice people could give my profile/gig a peek so i can get some constructive criticism . im eager to learn and you wont hurt my feelings , just be honest i need to get better at this.

i make 3D animations

Link, please. It is common to leave link and more info.

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“i often”
“i’m sure i’m not”
“im eager”

I noticed the same mistakes in your gig description. That itself is enough for me to say
“Nope, not ordering from this guy” because clearly you did not bother
getting them right, and that comes across as unprofessional for many.
People might argue to look at your gig and not the description, but the way describe
your gig tells a lot about the seller.


sorry didn’t want to get flagged for advertising , was just being cautious . link has been added with a brief description of what it is. :slight_smile: thanks for taking the time to respond

You have detailed rules for each section of the forum. In some links are against the rules and in some are mandatory to put them.

just assumed linking was for the advertise section. sorry again.

I also wanted to get guidance but as yet nobody noticed my topic. in this same category.

It is the same with mine. It is just a slow Tuesday and we just posted in wrong time.

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Oh is that so?.. any way I can wait as I have done lot work on it but not sure now to trace my own errors. That’s why I asked for it.

Take some time to really flesh out your own gig description and clarify your services. They honestly seem vague to me.

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Thanks, Lets see if I understandably can do this. :+1: